Epipheo is a digital video studio located in Cincinnati, OH. We’ve created over 3000 videos for 1500+ of the most recognizable, influential brands in the world. Founded in 2009 and a pioneer in the digital video industry, Epipheo is a values-based company focused on three things:

Truth We are constantly trying to find the meaningful nuggets of truth, things that truly matter in life in every customer and personal interaction we have.

Story Story is what connects pieces of information to a narrative that actually means something. We tell stories—meaning—we connect the dots for people.

Love We do these things to make the lives of others better.

Our core values drive how we work and how we relate to each other:

Pursue Meaning We aren’t ok with “just because.” We are passionate about the why. We pursue meaning in all we do.

Choose Integration People can’t be compartmentalized. Who you are in the office cannot be walled off from who you are outside of it. We don’t strive for “work-life balance.” We strive for integration. That you are wholly you whether it’s 9-5 or not.

Honor Each Person Being nice to each other is not enough. We want to go out of our way to honor each person. To lift them up, to call out those aspects of their person that are truly admirable. To bring them honor.


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