Join The Epipheo Team

We're always looking for talented people who are passionate about the truth and love to communicate it through excellent storytelling. See below for the current open positions.

There are cooler places to work than Epipheo. Let's be honest. It would be cooler to work at Nasa or alongside Walt Disney. But they don't send folk to space anymore, and it's not 1955.

Plus, we serve lunch three times a week, offer unlimited vacation time, provide computers, phone bill reimbursement, snacks, and hella good coffee.


Account Manager

Every client Epipheo works with is an account. Some are large, some are small. Some present more opportunity, and some less. But every client is treated like an account and therefore has an Account Manager.



Animatic Artist

Tell compelling stories through Storyboards/Animatics, and guide the Creative Team through executing on that vision.




Tell compelling stories through animation. This includes all art and assets used in the making of the video. Location: here or there or Cincinnati.



Style Artist

Tell compelling stories through illustration, video styles and layout direction.



Freelance Animator

Create all assets and animation for videos, based on style samples and animatics that are created in-house. Location: wherever, pal.



Freelance Voice Over Artist

Record your voice box reading our scripts at our sound studio based on direction from our in-house creative teams. Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, yo.



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