This Is Content Marketing

What is? This is. This article.

Wait, what? Sorry. We’ll be clearer. This article is content marketing. It’s content you’re consuming, but, since it makes you more aware of us, it’s also marketing. Even though we’re not talking about our brand.

What’s your brand? We’re not talking about our brand. We’re talking about content marketing.

Ah! That’s moderately clever. We thought so, too! Tell me how it works.

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Why “Why” Is Better Than “What” (Video)

“Why should I buy this?”


Yup. It’s that moment. It happens in every transaction, with every customer and every business. Companies spend billions of dollars answering it, trying desperately to change customer behavior.

And collectively? We’re terrible at it. Seriously.

Don’t believe us? Think about the marketing you see and hear every single day. 99% of it goes in one ear and out the other, because we’re answering the wrong question.

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3 Misconceptions About Video You Can’t Ignore (And What to Do About It)

Maybe you’re interested in buying a video, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you already have a video, but it just isn’t generating the level of engagement you want. Regardless of where you’re at, the last thing you want is going to your boss and telling him you blew a third of your budget on a digital paperweight.

After working with hundreds of clients, we’ve identified some of the most common misconceptions that have prevented them from having a successful piece of content. This article will help you avoid some of these pitfalls.

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