Value, Explained With Rubber Bands (Video)

Most of us can think of that person in our lives who’s notoriously bad at storytelling. “So on Tuesday… wait, was it Wednesday? It doesn’t matter. I was outside and… OMG yeah! It was totally Tuesday.” GET TO THE FREAKING POINT.

And then there is none. No point whatsoever. You’re left thinking, “Why in the world did you tell me this? Thank you for wasting five minutes of my life. Or was it four? Six? It doesn’t matter.”

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What 10 marketers said about video for 2015

As a video production company, we’re always looking out for the latest trends and opinions on how best to reach audiences with video. We asked 10 marketing thought leaders what they want to see more of from video in 2015, and where the medium is headed. Here’s what they said:

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You Don’t Need The Thing I’m Trying To Sell You.

The catch is that you can’t get the result you want without getting the thing I’m selling. So, yes, you need the thing.

But I’m not here to grab your attention with a controversial blog title and then reverse the sentiment. It really is true that you don’t need the thing (video) I’m selling. Just like your clients don’t need your widget/service/app/thing.

You need the result that thing can get you.

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