CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 04/15/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Carol S**** DATE: 04/14/2014 COMMENTS: I'm pleased with the overall results. I thought the team always did a good job thinking of creative ideas when we were stuck on how to illustrate certain points. I felt like things took a lot longer than I expected though. We had some delays on our end, but I felt like waiting on some of the deliverables from Epipheo took a long time.
CLIENT NAME: Steven G******** DATE: 04/11/2014 COMMENTS: The people I know who understand marketing, advertising, video and animation gave the work a B. The people who don't know any better gave the work an A. As far as the experience, I would consider using Epipheo again, but I'm not running back.
CLIENT NAME: Catherine G******** DATE: 04/09/2014 COMMENTS: Great job!
CLIENT NAME: John W***** DATE: 04/08/2014 COMMENTS: I think the project took longer than it needed to. I also found a bit of a disconnect between the expectation set on your main website and the initial expectations of your team on the project scope. I think the initial scoping out phase of your approach is more geared for "easy to understand" commodity projects and less for the complex sale. This surprised me as the complex sales is the main premise set on your Website that attracted us to Epipheo in the first place. However, the final result was everything I was hoping for and your team was very professional and as determined as we were to do a great job. My only recommendation is to beef up the discovery process for complex concept sales scenarios.
CLIENT NAME: Brad H**** DATE: 04/07/2014 COMMENTS: An energetic and likable team, with videos that manage to be light without becoming silly or trivial. It did take much longer than expected to get the ideas we wanted conveyed understood and incorporated - this included swapping out several personnel on the Epipheo side. Moreover, the final graphics were not quite in line with what had originally been agreed to in storyboard (look/feel of people and edges), and some of the depictions of the problem area remain vague/muddied. Internal consensus is that the resulting video is a B/B+: good, not great. In fairness, it was a complex and somewhat abstract topic. If we had it to do over again, we would've been much more prescriptive with both the script and the video design.
CLIENT NAME: Mike K******* DATE: 04/07/2014 COMMENTS: Quick turnaround.
CLIENT NAME: Alicia S**** DATE: 04/06/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Stuart R***** DATE: 04/01/2014 COMMENTS: Fantastic team that produce fantastic outcomes. Could not be more happy!
CLIENT NAME: George F***** DATE: 03/28/2014 COMMENTS: Overall, I am happy with the experience. I chose Epipheo over its competitors as I thought it told the story better than the others. I think our decision-centric story comes through nicely in our animation and look forward to working together again. There were some rough edges, mostly in team grasping the challenges in merchandising and a merchant's hectic life, but I expected that. I've had two distinctly different sets of reactions from team members who have seen the video for the first time. Many love it. The other camp doesn't get it or doesn't see why we spent so much money on it. Part of the reality that you can't please everyone.
CLIENT NAME: Stuart B****** DATE: 03/27/2014 COMMENTS: Was a bit of a struggle getting the concept across... But DAMN when you get it BOY do you get it. Awesome work guys we are super happy! Best
CLIENT NAME: Kent P***** DATE: 03/25/2014 COMMENTS: My client loved the finished product. The creative team was responsive and, uh, creative. The only fly in the ointment was, on a couple of occasions, our feedback on a delivered work product was not incorporated in the next revision. When called out, the team was quick to fix it. All in, I would work with Epipheo again without reservation.
CLIENT NAME: Prescott H***** DATE: 03/24/2014 COMMENTS: The team did great, they were very accommodating of a fast deadline that the client then tightened even further, and the final animation was high quality. Overall, great work!
CLIENT NAME: Kameron M******** DATE: 03/24/2014 COMMENTS: We had a great experience, received an excellent product, and really appreciated the patience and thoughtfulness that went into the development of our video. Thanks everyone!
CLIENT NAME: Brent S******** DATE: 03/21/2014 COMMENTS: We loved working with your team. Your people are great, the entire process was very well documented and smooth, and the end result tells our story in a creative and compelling way. As far as I'm concerned, all of your competitors should just shut themselves down because I don't see any way they could compete with you.
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 03/21/2014 COMMENTS: Keep up the good work!
CLIENT NAME: Eric G********* DATE: 03/21/2014 COMMENTS: I was only involved in portions of the activities. My ratings are qualified based on that amount. Thank you.
CLIENT NAME: Rey D****** DATE: 03/19/2014 COMMENTS: A few delays but the quality of the work more than made up for it. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Kate L******** DATE: 03/18/2014 COMMENTS: The final product of the video was fantastic and everything that we hoped for. I appreciated at the beginning that the process was outlined and agreed upon by both parties before we began. However, I do not believe that Epipheo met any of the deadlines that were set. We turned around feedback within a day, but each time you were late on your side in getting the next round to us. We also had an agreed upon date for final delivery, and the date was not met - actually if I had not insisted that it had to be finished, I was told it would have been an additional 2 weeks of production time. Your team had to work through the weekend to get us our final product in time for our event. I appreciated the time put in over the weekend, but it was a crazy weekend for me also, and this just added to the pressure and time commitment.
CLIENT NAME: Paul D**** DATE: 03/17/2014 COMMENTS: Generally liked this project - couple of small items later though where i'd already provided feedback which had not been incorporated.
CLIENT NAME: Bera A**** DATE: 03/17/2014 COMMENTS: Your team has been great. We felt we were listened to and understood. I would recommend your services to others without hesitation. Thank you Epipheo!
CLIENT NAME: Jon N****** DATE: 03/14/2014 COMMENTS: Thanks for all of the hard work, gang! We're really pleased with our short!
CLIENT NAME: Ben B***** DATE: 03/13/2014 COMMENTS: I would given you a five for both, but I had mentioned that the speed was too fast only to get push back that it wasn't from you. Then I received the same feedback from my team, which ultimately delayed the project by another two weeks to get the timing, speed and flow correct. Other than that, you guys 'rocked'!
CLIENT NAME: Alexis C****** DATE: 03/12/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kyle G***** DATE: 03/11/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kyle G***** DATE: 03/11/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Laura R** DATE: 03/11/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Elie N****** DATE: 03/10/2014 COMMENTS: From my experience with Epipheo, I can tell you this: These guys will simply get it, just like that, effortless. Don't think too much about what to tell them about your product. Just tell them a simple story, and they will transform it into a magical journey... And always on schedule, with a clear understanding of how your production is being handled, step by step, all the way until it's delivered. A 5 Stars Team.
CLIENT NAME: Rick M******** DATE: 03/10/2014 COMMENTS: The video produced is great. Internal customer very pleased. On schedule/on budget, goodness, make me happy. We were restrictive/conservative in our initial review, which most likely impacted artistic creativity. All worked out fine.
CLIENT NAME: Charles R******* DATE: 03/10/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Lisa S****** DATE: 03/10/2014 COMMENTS: Great team and collaboration.
CLIENT NAME: Thayer S****** DATE: 03/10/2014 COMMENTS: Alex and Jonathan were awesome. My only feedback is that sometimes it was hard to schedule time with the team to review changes...which left me feeling un loved, but that is a nit. Great work all around.
CLIENT NAME: Michael B**** DATE: 03/06/2014 COMMENTS: You should be careful using 'Bleh' cause it's fun and I really wanted to check it off. :-)
CLIENT NAME: Anthony J**** DATE: 03/06/2014 COMMENTS: Clearly a very well organized, professional and creative team. The best vendor I have had the pleasure of working with and will be planning additional work with Epipheo.
CLIENT NAME: Anthony H****** DATE: 03/05/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Melodie C*** DATE: 03/04/2014 COMMENTS: Thank you for taking the time to understand our product and delivering a phenomenal final product. Specifically, the communications between our companies were great. Again, I would repeat my comment from the previous project, having the written script to review, edit and sign off on was very helpful to allow us to have the text in hand. The review and ability to be very "nit-picky" of the characters to be animated was also very helpful to allow us to get it "just right"... and thank you for being so patient with all of our suggested edits.
CLIENT NAME: Daren K*** DATE: 03/04/2014 COMMENTS: I love the organization and how you captured the essence of our story so quickly. You gained our trust that you'd help us take care of our client right away and that's important in a fast-paced industry such as ours.
CLIENT NAME: Laura R** DATE: 03/03/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Greg G*** DATE: 03/01/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kirsti DATE: 02/27/2014 COMMENTS: It has been very exciting for us to see our ideas become a reality. Your team is amazing. The mascot is beyond what we expected to take away from this experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We look forward to more opportunities to work with you guys in the future.
CLIENT NAME: Joanna H*** DATE: 02/26/2014 COMMENTS: It was an absolute pleasure working with your team. You guys are creative, strategic, fun!
CLIENT NAME: Anthony A******** DATE: 02/26/2014 COMMENTS: I just got to an internet connection after crossing the pacific from Mexico to Tahiti. I saw the final on the video and think it turned out awesome. I wanted to thank you and the team for making these for us, you made it so easy and I really appreciate you helping me with the oversights on my part. I look forward to working together again in the future.
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 02/25/2014 COMMENTS: This has been my favorite video to date! The only reason I rated my experience as mediocre is because there were several small details missed that caused us to miss our deadline.
CLIENT NAME: Cyndy S****** DATE: 02/24/2014 COMMENTS: Great job. You made the process very easy and kept things moving. Your team is exceptional in that they grasped what we considered a complex topic and made it very simple - something we have been unable to do. All aspects of the experience were exceptional and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a unique way of marketing their company, product, services to the marketplace.
CLIENT NAME: Hans J******* DATE: 02/24/2014 COMMENTS: The process was a bit slow. I suppose you re-allocated resources when we were slow to respond to your questions...
CLIENT NAME: Matt L****** DATE: 02/24/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kevin M******* DATE: 02/23/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 02/21/2014 COMMENTS: Smooth sailing! Love the final product and working with you!
CLIENT NAME: Shawn D****** DATE: 02/21/2014 COMMENTS: The team was extremely patient and professional, not to mention creative. The work was spot on.
CLIENT NAME: Howard H******** DATE: 02/20/2014 COMMENTS: Always love working with you guys!
CLIENT NAME: Jess W********** DATE: 02/19/2014 COMMENTS: I think your team did an amazing job! I'm really glad we found you. thanks!!!
CLIENT NAME: Ross B***** DATE: 02/19/2014 COMMENTS: I thought you guys did a great job of moving the process through but I felt our company was "that" client, the one that never goes away. It made tensions tough and in the end we could tell that ya'll were ready to get this all done. The work is amazing though!
CLIENT NAME: Sander L**** DATE: 02/19/2014 COMMENTS: I feel like we got about 65-75% of the Epipheo genius. Which is to say, still quite a good result. But mysterious project lapses, no established schedules or milestones (ever... after repeatedly asking for them... what?) poor communication and missed (very important) deadlines tainted the overall experience. Unfortunately, it literally took money out of my pocket and yours-- straight up. Our final product is still pretty good, feedback has been strong, and I still want to work with and recommend Epipheo. But it fell a bit short unfortunately.
CLIENT NAME: Amanda R****** DATE: 02/18/2014 COMMENTS: Had an amazing time wiring with the entire Epipheo team! Hopefully we'll get a chance to do another video soon. Thank you for all of your hard work and stellar attention to detail.
CLIENT NAME: Victoria P*** DATE: 02/18/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Melodie C*** DATE: 02/17/2014 COMMENTS: From the feedback we have gotten from within the company, both regionally and globally, the Epipheo is a PHENOMENAL success. The final product was even better than we could have hoped for - so a huge thank you to the Epipheo team for going back to the drawing board for us when things weren't quite working right. Some procedural changes that we made part way through the process that I think would help with future projects with us and other is to provide a written copy of the script for us to review, edit and sign off on. This would help us to ensure the specific details are accurate and would make edits easier. Also, the process of reviewing final character animations was very helpful. From the reactions I got from the Global team and the team in general, I suspect Epipheo will be working on at least another translation of the Epipheo into Spanish (after we've done the French version!) and some other jobs as well. There is talk about doing another Epipheo for the New Zealand team which can only result in multiple hilarious directions. Looking forward to the next video. M.
CLIENT NAME: France L******* DATE: 02/17/2014 COMMENTS: This was my first experience with Epipheo and I was very impressed. Most impressive was the team's ability to quickly and so thoroughly understand the subject. I have never worked with an agency that was able to do this so fast and so well. Your team completely understood the subject and our goals. I think this ability to understand and distill is key to Epipheo's success. By thoroughly understanding, Epipheo was able to tell our story in a very creative and fun way rather than focus or get hung up on the technical aspects. This has truly been a great experience and I would recommend Epipheo in the future and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.
CLIENT NAME: Steve O**** DATE: 02/16/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Mark S**** DATE: 02/15/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jenna O****** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS: We absolutely love the video that was put together for us and the Epipheo team was phenomenal to work with. Their creativity is so impressive! They nailed the message, and the final result of the video does an amazing job of telling our story. I cannot wait to launch this internally and externally.
CLIENT NAME: Brad Y**** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS: You guys have this process down to a science. I don't believe I have ever worked with a marketing organization that "got it" so quickly. You were able to take something that we struggled with in terms of communicating effectively with our clients and prospects. We definitely will use you again - presuming you want to work with us again (<;
CLIENT NAME: Daniel B******** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS: Our time working with Epipheo was vernally excellent. Both the initial project coordinator, and his replacement, took good care of us and communicated well. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the story lead and felt taken care of by the production team. We found the visual communication tools, such as the script sharing, the animatics, and the animation revisions clear and excellent. The end of the project has been marked with a need to revisit elements of the video and script, but that is not a result of Epipheo's work or process. The only element we felt tension regarding was choosing a voice over artist - prior to the request to rewrite the script that came in October/November. Though we felt very strongly about our pick, the Epipheo team insisted repeatedly on an alternative and we felt like they were not properly hearing us. Otherwise our experience has been excellent. Thank you.
CLIENT NAME: Tommaso M**** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS: This is our first endeavor with something like this so we really have nothing to compare it to. We are looking forward to the effect that the video has on drumming up new business for us and, since we have not released it yet publicly, its hard to say how happy we are with the investment.
CLIENT NAME: Kristy M**** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Rick W***** DATE: 02/14/2014 COMMENTS: Pleasant to work with and flexible on project. Very creative as well. Project took longer than expected but great results
CLIENT NAME: Mark E***** DATE: 02/12/2014 COMMENTS: We were admittedly a tough customer; at times struggling to identify our own message, only to have it change again once your team developed a concept for us. Your team was always supportive and extremely accommodating as we struggled to clarify our message. We were concerned at one point when our producer left the team, however, you continued to move (us) and our project forward along a singular path to success without skipping a best. All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with Epipheo!
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 02/11/2014 COMMENTS: Love, love LOVE Epipheo! Can't wait to see the next round of creative on our other work in progress with you folks. :-)
CLIENT NAME: Rick H*** DATE: 02/11/2014 COMMENTS: Great working with them team - we have a good experience and would use them again
CLIENT NAME: Simone R** DATE: 02/09/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Claire DATE: 02/07/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Sam E****** DATE: 02/06/2014 COMMENTS: The end result was great, but the process to get there was frustrating and took about twice as long as expected. Some of that was that we were being pushed in a direction and ultimately decided against that direction, but from there it was impossible to get a schedule and then to keep to it. We can take some blame for it, but once we made a decision it seemed to take a lot longer than expected to get to the next step. Ultimately the result is a video we love, but it was more painful getting there than I would've liked.
CLIENT NAME: Ben B***** DATE: 02/06/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Eric P**** DATE: 02/05/2014 COMMENTS: You guys rock and really appreciate how flexible you were on this project!
CLIENT NAME: Leslie G**** DATE: 02/05/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Caitlin S**** DATE: 02/04/2014 COMMENTS: A little more clarity with schedule would have been awesome, wasn't always clear when stuff would be delivered for review until the last minute. also would likely have saved time to have an additional storyboard roughed vs going straight to full animation before integrated storyline had been approved. BUT that said, overall great work VERY pleasant, professional, smart etc. team. I'd recommend you guys to colleagues.
CLIENT NAME: John H*** DATE: 02/03/2014 COMMENTS: I think the process was extremely well planned out so that I could hit a target date. The team was wonderful to work with and ongoing communication was fabulous. Highly recommend all aspects of my experience.
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 02/01/2014 COMMENTS: Always LOVE the end results. Had to go an extra round on creative as key edits were missed. However, last minute re-edits to several existing videos took no time at all and were delivered flawlessly! Great job as always Epipheo!!
CLIENT NAME: Mary M***** DATE: 01/30/2014 COMMENTS: We always love working with Epipheo, but ran into some delays in production, so we were a bit unhappy with that part. We were hoping to finalize a video project by the end of 2013, but it didn't get completed until late January 2014. Despite the delays, we are very happy with the final product and look forward to sharing it internally and externally.
CLIENT NAME: Karin Z***** DATE: 01/30/2014 COMMENTS: Loved working with the Epipheo team! Communication was great - timely and really seeking to understand. The team took the time to become familiar with our mission and the message we wanted to convey. Great experience!
CLIENT NAME: Joe G**** DATE: 01/29/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Marie J****** DATE: 01/28/2014 COMMENTS: I so appreciated your taking the time to take the discussion to best practices in our discussions when we asked to do crazy things. Your creativity and expertise made this video fabulous.
CLIENT NAME: Elizabeth R**** DATE: 01/28/2014 COMMENTS: Really good experience. You hit it out of the park with the character types.
CLIENT NAME: Elizabeth R**** DATE: 01/28/2014 COMMENTS: Loved working with you on all 3 videos. A couple of things crept up more than once, like gloves on the wrong hand. Overall, changes were incorporated quickly and feedback was timely.
CLIENT NAME: Elizabeth R**** DATE: 01/28/2014 COMMENTS: You guys really delivered on this one. It hit all of the high points - the research and science background, the game element, the fun, and downside of training. When we showed it to our customer service team, the "shared experience" of going through boring training was right there. You connected to our audience.
CLIENT NAME: Alex W*** DATE: 01/28/2014 COMMENTS: Had a great experience building the video with J. & team. They pretty much nailed what we envisioned in our head on the first try.
CLIENT NAME: Anthony A******** DATE: 01/27/2014 COMMENTS: The team was quick to grasp the underlying idea and get it into a visual format. Deadlines were met efficiently and little work was required from our side.
CLIENT NAME: Chelsea S**** DATE: 01/27/2014 COMMENTS: It was great working together on this project. The team was incredibly fast and responsive, allowing us to wrap the project BEFORE it's deadline!
CLIENT NAME: Ken M***** DATE: 01/22/2014 COMMENTS: Appreciated the flexibility of your team. The finished video was exactly what we asked for.
CLIENT NAME: Fred B** DATE: 01/22/2014 COMMENTS: Communication throughout was unsatisfactory. I'm still unconvinced the creative team or the producer understand what we sell, despite innumerable conference calls and email explanations. Draft products delivered with amateur errors (eg typos, disregarded specific directions about text, graphics noticeably crook-eyed) that result in my time being wasted with additional revision steps. Deadlines were unrealistic and consistently missed. For a nearly 6 month turnaround, I'm convinced we could have gotten the same or better result in a matter of weeks for a fraction of the cost. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. In fact, the only reason we accepted your work and paid the balance on our account was our misplaced reliance on your company to deliver a quality video that is the cornerstone of our product launch.
CLIENT NAME: Aaron S******** DATE: 01/21/2014 COMMENTS: Professional and responsive to our needs throughout.
CLIENT NAME: Thomas W****** DATE: 01/21/2014 COMMENTS: Video turned out great even though timeline was very short. We appreciate the fact that last minute changes were possible.
CLIENT NAME: Thomas W****** DATE: 01/21/2014 COMMENTS: Video turned out great even though timeline was very short. We appreciate the fact that last minute changes were possible.
CLIENT NAME: John M******** DATE: 01/21/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jeff B***** DATE: 01/20/2014 COMMENTS: Overall good. We like it.
CLIENT NAME: Tom F****** DATE: 01/19/2014 COMMENTS: awesome creativity - you guys set the standard! But I must say the account management of our xmas video is ultimately the shining star here. You worked with our tough timeline and mastered a very late in the game change that we required. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Dr. K****** DATE: 01/18/2014 COMMENTS: We liked working with you. Thanks for a job well done.
CLIENT NAME: Dr. K****** DATE: 01/18/2014 COMMENTS: Great work in a short time. Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Michael S******** DATE: 01/14/2014 COMMENTS: It was great working with the team - everyone really took the time to understand our business and get the final product right. I wish the process went a little faster, but overall very happy with the final outcome.
CLIENT NAME: Ken W***** DATE: 01/13/2014 COMMENTS: The team did a fantastic job. They answered my questions before I even asked them, and were a true joy to work with. Thank you Epipheo for your help on this!
CLIENT NAME: Christopher C****** DATE: 01/11/2014 COMMENTS: The initial kick off for the project would have gone a lot smoother if your team leaders had done a better job getting to know us, our vision, and what we do. That said, once we got on the right track with regular communication the process was amazing...and the end result is truly a work of art. We couldn't be happier with our Epipheo and can't wait to reveal our gem to the world!
CLIENT NAME: Peter M***** DATE: 01/06/2014 COMMENTS: I really enjoyed working with Epipheo's staff. They have been very flexible and professional with our project. Even when there were bumps in the road, they worked with us to smooth them out. I will think of Epipheo first when deciding on who to trust with creating a video for me in the future.
CLIENT NAME: Elias H**** DATE: 01/05/2014 COMMENTS: It was a pleasure to work with you Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 01/03/2014 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 12/27/2013 COMMENTS: I'm very pleased with what we've accomplished so far and am looking forward to more great things in the coming year.
CLIENT NAME: Laurie H******* DATE: 12/26/2013 COMMENTS: At times it was a little touch and go but in the end & a few more $, like any good relationship, everything worked out well and we are very happy with the video! I enjoyed the opportunity to "meet" everyone and appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Thank you all and may the new year be the best yet for Epipheo! Laurie
CLIENT NAME: Elias H**** DATE: 12/26/2013 COMMENTS: Thanks It was a pleasure to work with you Best Elias
CLIENT NAME: Jon C***** DATE: 12/24/2013 COMMENTS: Pricey but very professional. The team was creative, organized and fun to work with. I've referred many people to Epipheo but it always comes with the warning, they are really pricey. Thanks for the great work and happy holidays!
CLIENT NAME: Kimberly D***** DATE: 12/19/2013 COMMENTS: We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team who was creative, helpful and flexible with our changes and requests. I liked how the team was also passionate about our work. We worked on a bit of the script ourselves, which took away from the experience (just a tad) and the timeline wasn't what we expected, but outside of that, we had a great experience. I would recommend your work to any organization or company who could invest in you all helping them to tell their story. Thanks Epipheo!
CLIENT NAME: Lynn S******* DATE: 12/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Evan R*** DATE: 12/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jenna O****** DATE: 12/09/2013 COMMENTS: We could not have asked for a more fantastic group of people to work with at Epipheo! I'm amazed at how the team was able to take our random thoughts and turn them into such an awesome script and video. We are elated about the final product and can't wait to share it internally and externally.
CLIENT NAME: Hardik P***** DATE: 12/06/2013 COMMENTS: Appreciate that the team tried to fix unresolved issues at the last moment; the attention to detail in terms of quality was missing; graphics team could have been lot better - lot of items had to be repeatedly communicated. We lost interest and lost track of as to how many times we provided same feedback. Sorry guys - but being candid as requested.
CLIENT NAME: Annie H***** DATE: 12/04/2013 COMMENTS: Loved working with you guys....the end result is amazing and we are getting great feedback.....
CLIENT NAME: Janet R***** DATE: 12/04/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Adi K******* DATE: 12/03/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Paul D**** DATE: 12/03/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Tal K**** DATE: 12/03/2013 COMMENTS: I really enjoyed working with the team, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. The only thing I felt was lacking was perhaps a bit more exposure to the creative team, I would have liked to be more involved in the creative process from the get-go, but I also realize that my project was very time limited. I will definitely recommend Epipheo and will work with you guys again!
CLIENT NAME: Mark S**** DATE: 12/02/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Paul D**** DATE: 12/02/2013 COMMENTS: Given the timeline for the production of this video and the changes we wanted made - exceptional service. Very well done.
CLIENT NAME: Michael B**** DATE: 11/27/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kerry H***** DATE: 11/27/2013 COMMENTS: Our Epipheo experience was fantastic. Thank you team for all your hard work. We are very happy with the Epipheo we have and are getting great feedback on it already. The regular calls to discuss progress were really helpful and we always felt you listened to our ideas and even concerns. The changes made each time were also what we were looking for. We are Epipheo fans and would love the opportunity to recommend you to others.
CLIENT NAME: Garrett S******* DATE: 11/22/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Becky B****** DATE: 11/21/2013 COMMENTS: Dave and the team at Epipheo were incredibly responsive at delivering quality animated videos for us in a crazy short turn-around time. Their dedication helped us be successful with our new service launches. Many thanks to the team for your amazing work!
CLIENT NAME: Leslie M***** DATE: 11/21/2013 COMMENTS: Loved working with the whole Epipheo team! Nicole was amazing at communication, organization and keeping us on task and target. Especially loved the video that kicked off our project. It was great to put a face to a name and a voice. Thanks for rocking this project. Can't wait to send more work and leads your way. xoxox - Leslie, VP of Marketing.
CLIENT NAME: Rachel R*** DATE: 11/21/2013 COMMENTS: Great working with you guys. Loved the finished project. Hope to work with you guys in the future on videos!
CLIENT NAME: Ryan T****** DATE: 11/21/2013 COMMENTS: We had a positive experience. Enjoyed working with everyone we came in contact with and the final product has been very well received! Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Jamie B****** DATE: 11/19/2013 COMMENTS: I have and will continue to recommend you to others.
CLIENT NAME: Amrita G*********** DATE: 11/19/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 11/18/2013 COMMENTS: We are extremely happy with an updated streamlined process for getting our new video animations through the development stages. Thank you Epipheo!! Great creative, good listening, and just getting it done, we appreciate it!
CLIENT NAME: Kiren S**** DATE: 11/18/2013 COMMENTS: This was a slightly unusual project (updating a previously produced video.) The end product is great. But there wasn't great attention to detail along the way (required lots of edits / feedback from me, the client, that could have been caught prior.)
CLIENT NAME: Ben B***** DATE: 11/18/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo did an incredible job given the time constraints that we had and looking forward to working with them in the future with more time on my hands.
CLIENT NAME: Ali-Jae A********* DATE: 11/18/2013 COMMENTS: Josh was definitely attentive and represented the company well, but our video came back multiple times as a "finished product" with spelling errors that ended up costing us more money from our marketing plan than we budgeted. While we're happy with what we ended up with, based on the process and turn around time, it's not likely we would pursue another video of this type.
CLIENT NAME: Tamir S**** DATE: 11/18/2013 COMMENTS: The process was excellent and the final video is amazing. The only issue we had were expectations in terms of delivery date. We could (and should) have been a little more clearer in the beginning (and throughout the process) in terms of when we needed the video. Everything worked out @ the end and you guys really delivered -- just a little stressful towards the end of the project. Overall, you guys were awesome to work with and looking forward to our next project.
CLIENT NAME: Adrien R**** DATE: 11/15/2013 COMMENTS: Great care and patience for details and last minute changes. Clear and straight story, with funny characters. Was maybe missing a bit of wow effect, things we didn't like were changed exactly the way we suggested but without adding any creative twist to it (for example changing lazy to exhausted, and things like that). Great experience overall, very good listening, and back and forth results! Thanks guys for all the hard work, we know we definitely were not always easy!
CLIENT NAME: Yvonne H******** DATE: 11/15/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Scott D**** DATE: 11/14/2013 COMMENTS: I thought you guys did a great job overall. The only thing I'd say is that you should have listened a little better when we started telling you it was too long...before we laid music and everything to it. The solution worked in the end, but I do think it could have been more concise.
CLIENT NAME: Trevor C******* DATE: 11/13/2013 COMMENTS: Overall, it was a great project and working with Epipheo was a fun experience. Lots of energy from a positive team and I think that helped the project along.
CLIENT NAME: John G***** DATE: 11/10/2013 COMMENTS: Great team of people to work with and overall we felt the work was quite good. I think the visual work was the best portion of the project. We were a bit "underwhelmed" by the story planning and script development work. We provided a lot of content to use as input (including a presentation by the senior pastor to the team) and it felt like we had to do a lot more of the guiding on these elements than we thought we should/would. The initial script was significantly off the mark (writer admitted varying from the story plan) and we used a lot of project time to get this worked out. Overall, I think we landed in a good spot, but just didn't feel that we got the level of script that we saw in the animation. We were working on a compressed schedule so reviews were pretty rushed and stressful (I'm sure on both sides), and towards the end we realized that this caused us to have to depend on the storyboard more than we would have liked before seeing the visual design & animation. We felt this caused us to be a bit in the dark through most of the project about what the look & feel would be. Overall, the development process and the account management was very good, however, and for the most part made up for any of these issues. I don't want this to be perceived as "failing" by any means, just that we had very high expectations that weren't quite met. At the end of the day, we have a very useful and compelling tool to tell our vision story. Thanks to all of you!
CLIENT NAME: Paul E****** DATE: 11/07/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ed H****** DATE: 11/07/2013 COMMENTS: The end result product is excellent and we learned some things along the way that shouuld make the next experience phenomenal.
CLIENT NAME: Bethany D*** DATE: 11/07/2013 COMMENTS: The artwork is fantastic. I enjoy working with your extremely talented team. I have found the response times and progression of work to be slower than expected. There have been a number of team members who come in and out of meetings, and it's never clear who the lead contact person is and who is responsible for which elements. Early on, we had a key person who was at each meeting but lately we haven't seen him in months??
CLIENT NAME: Bill T**** DATE: 11/06/2013 COMMENTS: Relationally it was a very good experience. The feedback on the project throughout the process felt uninspiring and therefore concerning. I had real reservations that the end product would be inspiring as a result. The final project ended up being much better than I had anticipated. Thanks for your investment of heart and art!
CLIENT NAME: Darnell H******* DATE: 11/06/2013 COMMENTS: We love the finished product. It seemed like it took a bit of time for everyone to get on the same page in terms of implementing feedback, but ultimately your team was a pleasure to work with.
CLIENT NAME: Susan F****** DATE: 11/04/2013 COMMENTS: We could not ask for a better team to work with us on this project. Our message, Eco farming, is complex, and we are still sorting out our own best ways of communicating it, so the Epipheo process was not just about production, it also helped us to hone and clarify what we wanted to say. That process will be helpful to us far beyond the video itself. Kirsten was fabulous to work with, always patient, clear and responsive, and the creative team was amazing--they chose to take a more challenging approach using music that we know meant a lot of extra work for them. We're so happy with the result; we're launching this week and are excited to make this a key element of our education and marketing. We work with a network of fruit and vegetable farms in the Northeast who don't ordinarily have access to a production of this quality and scope, and we want to thank everyone at Epipheo for going the extra mile to make this message sing! Many thanks from all of us.
CLIENT NAME: Laura R** DATE: 10/31/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Patricia M***** DATE: 10/31/2013 COMMENTS: Great job overall. And we are looking forward to working with you all on the remaining videos!
CLIENT NAME: Adam M****** DATE: 10/30/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kathy R**** DATE: 10/30/2013 COMMENTS: On the plus side: Your collective talents and creativity are remarkably wonderful! You've done really well not just working with us to accomodate our feedback but guiding us to a different concept of an interactive product, which will be much better than our original ideas for a series of videos. On the down side: The project is taking longer than we'd hoped, partially due to the changes and adjustments, still it would be good if we can see regular progress.
CLIENT NAME: Mike P******** DATE: 10/29/2013 COMMENTS: It has been truly an absolute pleasure to work with the Epipheo team. All along, I truly felt that Nicole and Levi were actually an extension of our organization - understanding our needs, and helping us to achieve our broader goals in ways that we wouldn't have imagined on our own. We're looking forward to moving on to the next phase of our project, and very excited to see where the path ultimately leads.
CLIENT NAME: Oren S***** DATE: 10/28/2013 COMMENTS: In general I have no doubt the talent on the team is fantastic. We like the creativity in the initial conversations quite a bit. However, domain knowledge was an issue for us. We had our hesitations going in that Epipheo not knowing our domain well would cause problems. We were re-assured that it wouldn't be an issue, but as we worked the project together, we really felt it was. The topic is just so great, so nuanced, and when we originally were hoping to let the Epipheo team drive the entire creative process, we realized over time that we would need to be a lot more hands on (which ultimately would lead to less creativity) because the message didn't reflect our domain well. Along the same lines, it's definitely a video process that's geared towards everyday consumers, as opposed to a very targeted subset. The people and personalities on our team were great, and I don't think there's any blame to go around, since we really enjoyed working with the team. My thoughts on future videos would be how do we address the domain knowledge challenge so the Epipheo team can be even more creative and have even more of an input during the process.
CLIENT NAME: Laura E********** DATE: 10/25/2013 COMMENTS: Patient, flexible, smart, dedicated. What more could we want!?
CLIENT NAME: Monica H******* DATE: 10/24/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo provided us with excellent ideas and animations that ultimately translated in the video we wanted.
CLIENT NAME: Akilah S****** DATE: 10/24/2013 COMMENTS: The experience working with Matt and Eric was pleasant, extremely productive and creative. My only criticism is that I had to keep following up with them regarding promised due dates, and often times, I was not notified of revised ETAs. Otherwise, the overall process was pleasant and I look forward to working with the team again in the near future. Everyone really likes the video, and we are pleased that people "get it" after they watch the video. Great job, guys!!!
CLIENT NAME: Dave DATE: 10/23/2013 COMMENTS: Great organization to work with - took everyone's ideas and feedback and created a work of art that couldn't be more in-line with what we were looking for. Great job all around.
CLIENT NAME: Brian A******* DATE: 10/21/2013 COMMENTS: Now with three projects under my belt I have to say every interaction exceeds the previous. Thanks for being the rockstars that you are. The only reason I didn't rate quality of work as a 5 was I think we could have done a bit better with some of the visuals had budget and time been more available, but quality for dollar spent is exceptional. Thanks again... I look forward to the next project as I'm sure there will be more.
CLIENT NAME: Trevan M***** DATE: 10/21/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience! Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: John S******* DATE: 10/21/2013 COMMENTS: The team was very easy to work with, What most impressed me and probably bodes well for our Service is how quickly the team picked up on our value proposition and was able to accurately reflect it in the story. thx
CLIENT NAME: Paul S****** DATE: 10/18/2013 COMMENTS: I'll start by saying that I'm extremely happy with the final product. I also thought Matt was a nice guy who cared about the project and getting it right...but I didn't love the process of working with Epipheo. It took longer than it should've and I was entirely too involved in helping to get it right, particularly during the first draft stage where I believe I had to write the entire script... I'm happy to elaborate - call if you want more feedback.
CLIENT NAME: Juergen K****** DATE: 10/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Alexander G******* DATE: 10/17/2013 COMMENTS: Hi guys, We are very happy with the video - we love the story and the voice over, sometimes we feel that the animation could be just slightly better - it felt like more effort went into some scenes than others and that towards the end of the project everyone (probably mainly ourselves) just wanted it to be done and the motivation faltered a little. However, that is only a minor point. Otherwise it was a pleasure to work together - I feel that our feedback was genuinely taken onboard. I would also specifically like to thank you guys for your patience with regards to our occasional tardiness (it's been a crazy year). The only constructive feedback I would have here is the switching between three creative directors. That created some confusion and repetition of work. All in all we are really happy, and personally I'm recommending you guys left right and centre.
CLIENT NAME: Amanda M******* DATE: 10/16/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: James P***** DATE: 10/16/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Dan B**** DATE: 10/16/2013 COMMENTS: Excellent results and overall project.
CLIENT NAME: Tom A**** DATE: 10/15/2013 COMMENTS: I had a great experience working with Epipheo to create a product marketing video.
CLIENT NAME: Mike J***** DATE: 10/15/2013 COMMENTS: Creative Genius at work. And I bet they love cats too...
CLIENT NAME: Michelle H***** DATE: 10/13/2013 COMMENTS: I appreciated the quick response to my request.
CLIENT NAME: Vicki W****** DATE: 10/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 10/11/2013 COMMENTS: Love working with you guys!
CLIENT NAME: Sue A******* DATE: 10/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Todd C***** DATE: 10/09/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Angela M******* DATE: 10/09/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Robert C****** DATE: 10/08/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Wendy D***** DATE: 10/08/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Navdeep S**** DATE: 10/08/2013 COMMENTS: We love Epipheo as the quality of work is very good and the agency is very responsive. The pricing is high and that is why we can do only selected videos.
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 10/08/2013 COMMENTS: There seemed to be quite a bit of miscommunication on this project that caused some delays. I attribute most of it to the fact that there were four different sets of pre-roll being produced for this video. Regardless, attention to detail is key and when in doubt please ask questions to ensure objectives/tasks are clear.
CLIENT NAME: Christian W******* DATE: 10/08/2013 COMMENTS: It was great to see the team's creativity and support. Although we had some hick-ups and miscommunications around timing, the team was always eager to accept new input and turn it into a high quality outcome. The result is really great and the effort put into making this work much appreciated.
CLIENT NAME: Thomas S******* DATE: 10/07/2013 COMMENTS: I liked working together with you guys as you were extremely professional, responsive and open to feedback. I am going to recommend you highly.
CLIENT NAME: Daniel K******* DATE: 10/04/2013 COMMENTS: This was a very painful project... from losing the producer to having to write the script and a storyboard ourselves to having to really work through minor details to make sure the video would end up the way we wanted. The timezone difference was a problem in some cases, but more aggravating was the fact that the designer lives in Australia so getting in touch w/ him was impossible and the turnaround time was ridiculous. I could go on... but you get the point. Not the best project I've been involved with.
CLIENT NAME: Robert C***** DATE: 10/03/2013 COMMENTS: Joshua was great to work with. We are looking forward to promoting our new video.
CLIENT NAME: Alain D****** DATE: 10/02/2013 COMMENTS: Great outcome but due to this being our first project and some personell changes it just took much tooooo long. We intended two months and actually had almost 10... Anyways, great job done!
CLIENT NAME: Heidi G****** DATE: 09/30/2013 COMMENTS: Kole and Jonathan did a great job for us. Kole's ability to "get it" right out of the gate and to come up with humorous imagery, as well as good text/scripting was awesome. Thanks guys! Heidi G.
CLIENT NAME: Greg A****** DATE: 09/24/2013 COMMENTS: Jed was phenomenal to work with and he is an asset to your company! Thank you for the great finished product!
CLIENT NAME: Leila C***** DATE: 09/24/2013 COMMENTS: Very talented team, creative, and professional
CLIENT NAME: Virna D******* DATE: 09/24/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: David O****** DATE: 09/24/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ryan B**** DATE: 09/24/2013 COMMENTS: Great result.
CLIENT NAME: Stuart B***** DATE: 09/23/2013 COMMENTS: 1. We felt like we got the B Team 2. The experience sold vs. delivered is miles apart. You told us when we first engaged that you'd find the 'human angle' on our story. You didn't until we pushed and pushed and pushed. We felt like we were holding you to account for your own promises 3. You didn't listen to what we said - you merely paid lip service and then replayed back a different understanding 4. You had to be chased constantly for updates and every deadline you committed to was missed apart from the final (extended) one 5. We feel like we could have got 80% of the results you delivered for 20% of the cost in 20% of the time. What you delivered is good - it was just painful getting there and it isn't as good as we expected.
CLIENT NAME: Johnny C**** DATE: 09/21/2013 COMMENTS: Final product was amazing. But some review cycles took too much guidance and hand holding.
CLIENT NAME: Jan W*** DATE: 09/20/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 09/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Peter A******* DATE: 09/17/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jaime B*** DATE: 09/16/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Eric C****** DATE: 09/14/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo is perhaps the nicest, friendliest and most customer-focused company I have ever worked with. They ooze positive energy. This shows through in the quality of their work and makes interacting with them both fun and productive. I think improvements can be made with the online Hub, however. For a company that prides itself on easy and simple, the Hub is not. It's confusing, cluttered and difficult to navigate. Using a product like Basecamp to collaborate online would have been my preference because it is so simple and easy to use.
CLIENT NAME: Rebecca K*** DATE: 09/14/2013 COMMENTS: The quality was excellent and we are very pleased with the video. It seems that we had to communicate about the contract and other such aspects more than once for some reason. We kept thinking that these were addressed and they would come up again and again. We thought we were ready to go several times and woudl find out that something else needed to be signed (again?) The communications on this aspect via e-mail with many folks in both organizations should perhaps be streamlined through one 'PM' or Account Manager on your end....just a thought. Once the project started, the work and the updates went very well. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Samuel D*** DATE: 09/13/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jamie R******* DATE: 09/13/2013 COMMENTS: Overall, this was a great experience. It was our first project with something like this and most of the conflict was internal as our team worked through how we needed this video to work for us. We definitely hope to do more because, well ... You ROCK! :)
CLIENT NAME: Ken W*** DATE: 09/12/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Meagan H******* DATE: 09/11/2013 COMMENTS: The team was wonderfully patient dealing with the often conflicting requests from our company. The project dragged on quite long (not your fault) and I really appreciated the support from epipheo along the way.
CLIENT NAME: Max H***** DATE: 09/09/2013 COMMENTS: Very satisfied with overall experience. The video is great and we really enjoyed working with your team. Things that were disappointing: 1. multiple changes to final scheduled meeting at the eleventh hour and 2. inability to provide still images without additional cost. Overall though, we are thrilled with the video and the work that was done. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Jill H***** DATE: 09/09/2013 COMMENTS: loved working with the team and deeply appreciated the time and effort they all took to understand our business and our STORY! you guys all rock!
CLIENT NAME: Katie M********** DATE: 09/09/2013 COMMENTS: ODE TO EPIPHEO Dear Epipheo We love the vipheo (yea, I realize that's not a word) Matt rocks and he wears cool socks. (?? Does he? we don't know we're in Virginia - but he seems like the kind of dude that would wear cool socks - maybe argyle ones in rad colors) The way that you worked with us was some really cool stuff. From the first kick off meeting all the way to the last greetings Our video about our proudest prod-uct It is now locked up (trying *really* hard to get this to rhyme) We hope it will go viral on the interwebs AND fill our competition with dread We hope to help managers get even better Maybe one day - one will send us a thank-you letter. Hope to work with you again soon and that you don't think we're a buncha loons. We're cheering you on from the sidelines Come visit and have a drink on our dime (when you're in DC!). in all seriousness, it was great to work with everyone - from Sonny to Chris to our video guru and voice over artist - Matt. Really appreciated the constant communication, endless creativity and patience, relentless drive to "get it right" for us. Matt's willingness to listen, brainstorm, and partner with us again and again didn't go unnoticed. We really appreciated the vigor your processes brought to the experience and felt inspired and impressed that a company with similar values, humor, and heart to us - does so very well - and does it right. :) We hope that we are able to work with you all again - and look forward to continuing our conversations. All the best, - The gang (the others might want to weigh in, too).
CLIENT NAME: Michael B**** DATE: 09/09/2013 COMMENTS: Anything
CLIENT NAME: Stephanie K**** DATE: 09/06/2013 COMMENTS: Your team did an amazing job! Love the videos!
CLIENT NAME: Samuel D*** DATE: 09/06/2013 COMMENTS: The entire experience was great!
CLIENT NAME: Paige L**** DATE: 09/06/2013 COMMENTS: As always, it was a pleasure working with you and we love the video! Thanks for another great experience and product.
CLIENT NAME: Jim G***** DATE: 09/05/2013 COMMENTS: We expected a hit, Instead it was ...... (rhymes with a bodily function) That's right - hip. The guys did an attentive, thoughtful, determined and accurate job of portraying the product. very satisfied.
CLIENT NAME: Terry P****** DATE: 09/03/2013 COMMENTS: Completely pleased. The concept for the video has worked perfectly and the translation process was smooth and fast.
CLIENT NAME: Dhru P****** DATE: 09/03/2013 COMMENTS: I've had 2 videos with Epipheo. The first experience was great. The second experience both the project management and the quality of the video were not that great. Sent this feedback a few weeks ago ----- Just some feedback from our end. We're having a really weird client experience with this current project. We are sending really, really specific feedback and every time the video comes back missing things. Our project manager, in our opinion, is not doing the greatest job. She is not looking at the video closely enough before sending it back to us. This creates additional work for us. We use to recommended Epipheo all the time. Our first experience with the company was great. But this experience hasn't been the best.
CLIENT NAME: Andrea V****** DATE: 08/30/2013 COMMENTS: Very awesome work guys! Was great working with you, and hopefully we'll have the chance to work together in the future on another project! We can be persnickety folks here at our company, so we really appreciate that you were able to pull this off so quickly.
CLIENT NAME: Tad T******* DATE: 08/30/2013 COMMENTS: I was disappointed in the experience. It started out well with everything being organized and explained in detail, unfortunately from then on the process didn't go according to plan. At one point I felt little thought was being put into our video and it even appeared to be a duplication of other owrk. I appreciated the fact that in the end we were given a discount because of the issues. However, it doesn't change the fact that we missed several months of usage with our Epipheo.
CLIENT NAME: Thiago P**** DATE: 08/30/2013 COMMENTS: Great work and turnaround. Would work again with Epipheo
CLIENT NAME: Kipp B******* DATE: 08/28/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Joe L*** DATE: 08/27/2013 COMMENTS: I think the process went great. Now we need to launch this which we need help with. I have started the process. Any help would be appreciated. BTW - Matt did a great job
CLIENT NAME: Michele F******* DATE: 08/27/2013 COMMENTS: while herding cats on my side, you guys were patient and understanding. thx (and I love your branding)
CLIENT NAME: Lynn M***** DATE: 08/26/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Greg P*** DATE: 08/26/2013 COMMENTS: I was promised a wire transfer of $1,000,000 into my personal bank account but never saw the money. Very disappointing.
CLIENT NAME: Kristin R**** DATE: 08/23/2013 COMMENTS: This was a new type of process for me, I enjoyed it tremendously! Using the HUB was new too! Many thanks to you and your crew! I flunked poetry....but I should get something for trying! :)
CLIENT NAME: Paul K****** DATE: 08/21/2013 COMMENTS: clear process, professional team, good results. happy. thx!
CLIENT NAME: Steve B**** DATE: 08/21/2013 COMMENTS: Our CEO and much of the staff are unimpressed with the video. Perhaps this is our own fault, and we should learn from this experience, but the video never really made anyone smile and the epiphany isn't clear.
CLIENT NAME: Joe F******* DATE: 08/20/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Penny M***** DATE: 08/15/2013 COMMENTS: It was our second video and we had already paid up front - I did feel we got a lower level of service as a result. For the first video it was a great process and the team were fantastic, the second video seem laboured and took a while to finalise. The final delays were on our side, but even getting to the final draft stage was laborious.
CLIENT NAME: Eric K****** DATE: 08/13/2013 COMMENTS: I appreciate all you guys did. The fact that I could take a very complex product and have those NOT in my industry, get it and explain the way you have, just awesome!
CLIENT NAME: Malcolm F***** DATE: 08/13/2013 COMMENTS: The video has been well received within our company - thanks for your hard work!
CLIENT NAME: Deric C***** DATE: 08/07/2013 COMMENTS: Working with Epipheo was difficult but rewarding because we had a lot of work to do internally in sorting out our message. Both Jed and Josh we're extremely patient throughout the process and asked the right questions to help us see our particular story and epiphany. The final video is a perfect reflection of who we are, and it was definitely worth the effort. My only criticism would be that, early in the process, it seemed like they were trying to fit our story into a particular mold and weren't listening to our concerns about the direction. This probably led to some frustration and wasted effort. Basically, the conversation seemed to go as follows: Us: "Um, that doesn't sound right and we probably won't like it, how about this?" Epipheo: "Trust us, this will be good" [time passes] Epipheo: "We finished the first draft and we really like it. What do you guys think?" Us: "Remember when we said we probably wouldn't like it? We were right." Overall, though, it was a great experience, and the frustration during the process was primarily the result of our lack of internal clarity. Thanks to Epipheo for their great work.
CLIENT NAME: Jack G******** DATE: 08/07/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience! The guys at Epipheo were so accommodating...and The Hub made it easy to communicate, get immediate responses and keep our projects on track. Thanks again for a great product!
CLIENT NAME: Yvonne H******** DATE: 08/07/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Susan F****** DATE: 08/06/2013 COMMENTS: You guys are fantastic to work with. We appreciate the clarity of the process and the way you were able to take our story and make it clear and simple. The response we're getting to the video is mostly positive, although some of the reactions, esp from the farmer community, are reminding us of the limitations of clear and simple. We're happy to have had the opportunity to work with epipheo, and looking forward to future projects!
CLIENT NAME: Marshall S******** DATE: 08/05/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Steve K*** DATE: 08/05/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Manshu A****** DATE: 08/03/2013 COMMENTS: More and regular communication would be helpful. Sometimes weeks would pass without any word on progress.
CLIENT NAME: Gleb B****** DATE: 08/01/2013 COMMENTS: Excellent job by the team - overcame a big snag in the beginning, and still delivered the video on time. Overwhelmingly positive feedback by everyone who has viewed it so far and it is accumulating a lot of clicks and views. Can't wait until the next project with your team.
CLIENT NAME: Ellen K******** DATE: 08/01/2013 COMMENTS: Even though our project was on a compressed timeline...we had a great time working with the Epipheo team, and they definitely rose to the challenge!!
CLIENT NAME: Amy A******** DATE: 07/31/2013 COMMENTS: Lucas and the team definitely made a major comeback to a very rough start. This survey does not do them justice but the final amazing video was nearly one month after the deadline because of the initial project manager not properly communicating or hearing out needs. The were too many cases where something was clearly requested and not implements causing lag time that we ended up being charged for. Dave and Lucas could not have been kinder or more helpful but aside from that it was one of the most frustrating experience I've had. And too much of the work and creativity had to be done on our side. For the price, that should not have been the case. Thanks again to the extra time energy and effort put in by the rest of the team in the second half. All the above stated, are ideas and message did evolve and they stepped up to the plate to get enough done in time so that we had at least an original round by the event we needed it for.
CLIENT NAME: Emily H****** DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS: Lucas saved the day. Dave was awesome.
CLIENT NAME: Ken W*** DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS: You guys are awesome! This is our 4th video and the service and support is always very good. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Patricia H***** DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Shashi M******* DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS: You guys are great. Josh is a rock star. I'm sure most of your clients try to poach him. I especially like that Josh stands up to the client and tells the client what won't work or isn't reasonable. I also like that the process of developing the video forces the client to confront our own business strategy and identity to the core. The process is just as valuable as the outcome video in that regard. Thanks for the great work!
CLIENT NAME: David D****** DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo is very efficient and organized in its customer service and related correspondence. I was very impressed with my 3-man creative team. Feel free to use me as a reference in your marketing collateral.
CLIENT NAME: Donovan E*** DATE: 07/30/2013 COMMENTS: Couldn't be happier with the final vid. Not only did you produce something that totally rocks and makes it dead simple for people to understand, you actually helped us simplify our thoughts and messaging, which carried into other assets of our product launch. Great work guys. Definitely want to work with you again.
CLIENT NAME: Abraham E**** DATE: 07/29/2013 COMMENTS: Very talented team, awesome to work with. delivered on schedule and made a huge contribution to the adoption of the product. very impressive.
CLIENT NAME: Katy D*** DATE: 07/29/2013 COMMENTS: I really enjoyed working with you guys. The experience was incredibly painless and I enjoyed the interactions that we had, particularly getting to meet Nicole and Josh face to face and getting an office tour! Thanks for all your hard work. Without stepping on anyone's toes, I hope you can continue to work with us in the future. PS - I can't rhyme. In fact, I can barely spell rhyme let alone inject feedback with such creativity. That's why we needed your expertise! I think it worked out well! Katy Dunn
CLIENT NAME: Doug S*** DATE: 07/29/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Debbie P**** DATE: 07/25/2013 COMMENTS: Thanks for being patient with our long delays while we were waiting for too many approvals!
CLIENT NAME: Paul M******* DATE: 07/25/2013 COMMENTS: The bad: Our entire team was incredibly disappointed and frustrated with the creative effort given to our video. A contracted 3-week project turned into about 3 months because the creative execution was so mind-boggling poor -- for so long. It was clear to us that the Epipheo creative team assigned to our work was either a) in training, or b) a last-minute sub-contractor. Either way, the first two animation style executions were abysmal. To us the same animation craft and attention to detail was not applied to our brand work as it was to Epipheo's own videos and "name" clients. That was the most frustrating part of our experience and likely the reason why it will be very difficult for us to recommend Epipheo in the future. The good: The final product tells a good story about what we do and how we do it. My company is happy with the end product. Also, our project manager, Chris was very empathetic during the extended project time, had good communication with his clients and was very professional throughout the process.
CLIENT NAME: Stephanie B***** DATE: 07/23/2013 COMMENTS: It's been great!
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 07/23/2013 COMMENTS: We're very happy with the results. We're looking forward to the next video!
CLIENT NAME: Wade D***** DATE: 07/23/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ken W*** DATE: 07/22/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: James L****** DATE: 07/22/2013 COMMENTS: The process was awesome! The result exceeded our expectations. You guys certainly do rock!
CLIENT NAME: Jack G******** DATE: 07/22/2013 COMMENTS: it's been a great experience working with the team at Epipheo! I've appreciated their responsiveness AND creative solutions. Also "the Hub" has provided an easy way to communicate, review and share info...this worked out well. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Gary B***** DATE: 07/22/2013 COMMENTS: Our first Epipheo experience could not have been better. The 2nd video didn't go as well. I believe the issue was two fold. 1. Trying to create a follow on video when the first video was awesome is hard. 2. We lost a lot of momentum every time one of us was unavailable. As a result, the project dragged out too long. Going fwd, I know that we have to just focus and crank it out as the quality suffers with too many starts and stops.
CLIENT NAME: Laura E********** DATE: 07/19/2013 COMMENTS: Fantastic team. Love the final product. Loved the process even more. I can't wait to use this video on our promotions.
CLIENT NAME: Regan L*** DATE: 07/18/2013 COMMENTS: All in all, I really love the video. There were moments in the process where I felt a bit in the dark regarding timing and deliverables. But, overall, it was a pleasant experience and we like the outcome.
CLIENT NAME: Cristian S****** DATE: 07/17/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Melanie M**** DATE: 07/15/2013 COMMENTS: My account team and the whole process were absolutely fabulous. The end product met the goals and did an incredible job of communicating the problem and the benefit. I could not have asked for a better team and the process ran very smoothly. You guys rock!!!
CLIENT NAME: Christopher M******* DATE: 07/14/2013 COMMENTS: The team was very engaging and cooperative in every aspect. They came up with an interesting concept, but there were a few hiccups. Starting from the much slower pace than anticipated, to the lack of fully understanding the genre/business of us as a client. Ultimately the video looks it's clearly been done by a non-gamer and someone who doesnt fully understand the technology despite our efforts to get it back in line. Therefore the final video is unfortunately below expectation. Maybe the main issue being the fact that noone in the team seemed to be interested in this field and therefore lacked the authenticity in the execution.
CLIENT NAME: Kevin B***** DATE: 07/14/2013 COMMENTS: The Epipheo team is great to work with and is always looking for creative ways to make the final product the best it can be. Great job!
CLIENT NAME: Sandra S***** DATE: 07/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Lucy S******* DATE: 07/11/2013 COMMENTS: Great bunch of people to work with and we are happy with the end result. Few mis-communications along the way. Expected you to develop more of the script than us, i think we ended up writing it. We've only made a couple of these video's before so the process is new to us. Feedback/advice on how best to use the video from the experts would be very welcomed. We have ideas but would be good to hear from you guys. Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Joe P******* DATE: 07/09/2013 COMMENTS: Overall, everyone, especially Nicole has been great to work with. The only issue I have, is that there is an over-reliance on electronic communication, where picking up the phone and discussing issues where context and tone are able to be factored in. This would save lots of back and forth on The Hub, and the work would get done faster. This was a difficult project, starting and stopping over 9 months, so it may not be the best case to judge, but I felt that there was a concerted effort NOT to talk on the phone. Some of my messages asked specifically to be followed up witha phone call and I felt "shined on" more than once. It's part barometer, part hand holding, but verbal contact is a key component in any production, especially one where the parties are long distance. I would take a hard look at this issue if I produced for Epipheo, because it's the opposite of today's norm, right or wrong. I enjoyed working with a company that is willing to fight for its ideas. That does not happen much at our company. Your willingness to keep pushing for a great idea, while offering alternatives is great. The collaboration was great, if not a little passive for my tastes. I like the vibe, the irreverence, but in the end it's the work that speaks for itself. This work is very good. Thanks, Joe
CLIENT NAME: Jim E**** DATE: 07/08/2013 COMMENTS: The HUB software sucks... sorry but it sends automated emails that I NEVER recieved. We had weeks of delays because of this at one point and a day or two on others... Jeff was GREAT to work with and we are very happy with the products in our hands! Now to see what the world thinks!
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 07/05/2013 COMMENTS: We are so happy with the way our video animation turned out. Thanks so much to Kirsten, Levi, and the creative/production team that helped us get to the finish line after an account manager/copywriter transition. We appreciate it. Looking forward to completing our full suite of associated assets (infographic & slideware) on this topic next.
CLIENT NAME: Scott H***** DATE: 07/03/2013 COMMENTS: I don’t know who will actually read this, I hope it’s the owner of the company. I was extremely dissatisfied with the service at Epipheo. We are a very small start-up and although I was very generously offered a discounted rate for my video, for which I truly am grateful, I was assured I wouldn't be getting a discounted service. I honestly feel like I got the "cheap seats" in terms of service. I do feel bad about saying that because I was given a discounted rate, and one of my producers was certainly kind and courteous, but it does say above to "not to pull any punches." Honestly, in my opinion, you guys have to do a MUCH more thorough job in the story extraction stage. I don't feel like my producers REALLY spent the time necessary trying to get to know our product and what we are- or at least what we are trying to be. I never got a sense they had any real interest in getting to know us, nor did they take the time to even sign up to our website and try it out. It seemed like a robotic approach, based largely on the limited written description that I had given them at the sign up process and one brief telephone call. I indicated in the original questionnaire and telephone meeting that my preferred level of involvement in the process was to be an active participant, but I was hardly ever consulted and when I finally received the first try at the “story” I was shocked and confused and felt like it was way off the mark. When I tried to push back I was met with a “sense” of real frustration, resistance and reluctance to trash the idea and go back to the drawing board. Had I received a script ahead of the animatics, I could have told them it wasn't working for me and saved everyone weeks of wasted time. The second attempt was admittedly better (not ideal) but almost all the suggestions I made to tweak the video were never followed through on. Email requests regarding changes went unanswered or dragged out for so long that I finally just gave up and asked for it to be delivered as-is. The whole process took weeks longer than promised, despite me responding promptly to all emails. Very disappointing, indeed. I have made a more than a few videos now and honestly, when we make the next one, I certainly won’t be with Epipheo, nor will I be recommending them to others. The truth hurts but if Epipheo were my company, I‘d want to know this.
CLIENT NAME: Kevin B****** DATE: 07/02/2013 COMMENTS: Jeff and everyone at Epipheo were great to work with. They listened to what we were saying and delivered an end product that far exceeded our expectations.
CLIENT NAME: Hugh B***** DATE: 06/28/2013 COMMENTS: Very nice and creative!
CLIENT NAME: Rob H*** DATE: 06/27/2013 COMMENTS: We're really happy with our final video. It did take more input from our team to get there than we had hoped, and we occasionally wondered if we were getting Epipheo's best effort. In the end, however, the video met our needs and was very polished and professionally done. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Ian S******* DATE: 06/27/2013 COMMENTS: Once upon a time I responded with a rhyme We needed a wow video So where did we go? Where else, Epipheo
CLIENT NAME: Heidi L******* DATE: 06/26/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Sanjay S**** DATE: 06/26/2013 COMMENTS: Awesome... Thus gave u more business... Have high expectations!
CLIENT NAME: Jim S********* DATE: 06/25/2013 COMMENTS: The group from Epipheo were splendido. If you need a video, choose Epipheo. :)
CLIENT NAME: Robby R******* DATE: 06/24/2013 COMMENTS: Working with Alex and the team was a lot of fun and overall very rewarding experience. While we had a couple of hiccups along the way Alex was quick to address my concerns and keep the project moving. The feedback we have been receiving from constituents and colleagues across the company about the video has been overwhelmingly positive. I would not be surprised if other groups at our company and even some of our constituents might be calling you soon to produce videos for them. Thank you for the awesome video!
CLIENT NAME: Ginger P***** DATE: 06/22/2013 COMMENTS: Everything went smoothly throughout the process. Would definitely recommend epipheo! Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Ken W*** DATE: 06/22/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Sasha G****** DATE: 06/21/2013 COMMENTS: Team was great, transparant, responsive. The audio quality of the updates to our video was disappointing because it felt like a downgrade.
CLIENT NAME: Stephanie B***** DATE: 06/20/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Lesley B******* DATE: 06/19/2013 COMMENTS: Love the Compass video. What a great job! Can't wait to launch and blast it out on social media!!!
CLIENT NAME: Daniel S*************** DATE: 06/18/2013 COMMENTS: The video is darn good. It cleverly communicates the end-user's problem, identifies with their felt need, and accurately sums up what our company provides. The experience was so-so. The team was all friendly and professional in conversation and The most disappointing thing about the experience was it felt like quality control and the quest to make the video work well were on our comapany's shoulders, not Epipheo’s; Some examples: - The "advocates" in the video have white coats. But so did the "client", and some of the "team". We made the request for them to be visually differentiated, and the "client" was redrawn, but with too dark a suit, so you couldn't see the outlines on his arms, so we had to request that change too. The "team" member was never redrawn, despite us asking for him to have a sweater vest or something to that effect, and he remained visually similar to the "Advocates", which muddles things at 1:08. - The "Final" video was released to us with corrupted/tinny audio, worse by far than the "Draft" videos. So we had to request a redo. - Three drafts of the video were released to us with the incorrect call-to-action web URL, (.com instead of .org), despite requests from us each time for the correct URL. - We asked for a change of order on the "flags" that the guy picks up, and assumed that the text of the script would be changed to fit it. It wasn't, so we ended up putting the flags back in their original, suboptimal order. - Misspellings of the flags. This process -- where the client has to push the vendor for quality and accuracy -- is one I would have expected had we gone with our local $5k explainer video company. This is the kind of process that some of my more low-key nonprofit clients can occasionally expect from me when I'm volunteering or developing for $20/hour. I obviously didn't expect it from Epipheo. As a consultant who gave my strong vote to Epipheo from the get-go, I have had an icky, guilty, heavy feeling at times throughout this process, and I don't feel that can refer other folks to Epipheo at this point. Which is kind of a bummer, because the video itself is pretty sweet. A few people have asked me "who made it, for how much", because the final video is engaging and communicates well. I don't say these things pointed at Alex specifically, because I don't really know where in the chain these things are breaking down; who's responsible to get which types of feedback implemented, etc. And Alex was always a “trooper" and respectful on the phone when we'd supply the feedback, I just don't know where things went slipping from there. Perhaps the animator is overworked, or your IT folks need to supply better workflow tools. I only know what I saw. Thanks for your organizational enthusiasm for raw truth. I tried to neither pull punches nor wear brass knuckles. I will willingly admit that I'm pretty sure that the video is quite a bit awesomer than I can personally see it as; people keep asking me "who made it?" "maybe we could get one..." and the $18k pricetag seems -- to them and me -- about right for the end product, but the process felt more like a $4-5k process.
CLIENT NAME: Andres M****** DATE: 06/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Emily C***** DATE: 06/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Joel B***** DATE: 06/17/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Damian D********** DATE: 06/17/2013 COMMENTS: Nicole, Luke, Chris and Josh were great. They stuck with it when we made them wait.
CLIENT NAME: Michael B***** DATE: 06/13/2013 COMMENTS: The guys were very receptive to all of our comments and worked well to get us what we wanted. Overall an excellent experience. Thank you !
CLIENT NAME: Rebekah S************* DATE: 06/12/2013 COMMENTS: Alex was awesome -- really helpful. I appreciated her direction and her flexibility with our sometimes lengthy feedback. I really love how the video turned out. It's funny, it's relatable, and I think it does a great job of clearly explaining what we do. I was sometimes frustrated with what appeared to me to be a lack of attention to detail in implementing some of the changes we requested (e.g. incorrect website in the video, typos, etc.) even after we had stressed them several times. Honestly, it surprised me a lot to experience that from an organization that otherwise seems so professional (high price in the field, professional staff and website, etc). Even on the websites we build, which can be edited at any time in the future, I couldn't imagine making it to the final draft and having typos and un-implemented changes! Anyway. Like I said, overall I was really pleased with how things ended up. But the seeming lack of attention to fussy little details was a little disquieting. Marred an otherwise very positive experience.
CLIENT NAME: Mitch W***** DATE: 06/12/2013 COMMENTS: Really loved working with Matt. He is a great project manager. We were able to effectively communicate all of our feedback points to the Epipheo team. They were able to make all of the adjustments and edits to the video. The end result was amazing. We'll be back for some mo ... fo-sho!
CLIENT NAME: Gabriel C****** DATE: 06/12/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Terry P****** DATE: 06/12/2013 COMMENTS: Chris and Erika are great to work with. We've all been very pleased with the freshness and creativity of the deliverables AND the speed with which you've been able to get all of our translations done.
CLIENT NAME: Corinna K****** DATE: 06/12/2013 COMMENTS: We worked with an OUTSTANDING team -- people who really got what we wanted to communicate to our target audience. We love the video. I would do another project in a heartbeat (if I had no budget constraints).
CLIENT NAME: Brad M**** DATE: 06/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Mallory H***** DATE: 06/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Scott A***** DATE: 06/11/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Elliot DATE: 06/10/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ken S*********** DATE: 06/10/2013 COMMENTS: Fantastic experience and end result! The team was very helpful in moving us through the process and helping us understand what we wanted and how to translate it into a great video.
CLIENT NAME: Stan S***** DATE: 06/10/2013 COMMENTS: Everyone involved did an outstanding job of listening, creating and executing. Epipheo. thank you very much for producing an accurate and entertaining video of our overall capabilities. It was a great process, and I was happy to included in the design content. Best, Stan
CLIENT NAME: Steve I**** DATE: 06/10/2013 COMMENTS: I was very pleased with the fresh design approach for the animation. I think there were communication problems at times - issues or requests discussed with the producer didn't seem to get to the designer(s) or were ignored. We also had a logo design piece - this was a mistake on our part - we should have stuck with what you guys know. The animation is superb and we'll be back when we need another.
CLIENT NAME: Juan M******* DATE: 06/07/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jonathan K***** DATE: 06/07/2013 COMMENTS: Love the final product. Was unfortunately not CCed on 'team' e-mails about a third of the way through the project, made it difficult.
CLIENT NAME: Kathie G**** DATE: 06/06/2013 COMMENTS: You want to know if we think you rock? Hope you have all day, cause I could talk and talk. Instead, I'll spare you and keep it short, And tell you I'm happy to report That you made a video we are so proud of, Matt & team really are about "Truth, Story, Love"!
CLIENT NAME: Gregory K****** DATE: 06/06/2013 COMMENTS: I would recommend you to anyone that needed a product demo video. I was a very successful creative director in my previous career and can be demanding. But you exceeded my expectations! Excellent job. Thanks.
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 06/06/2013 COMMENTS: same comments as before The experience would've been great but unfortunately there were some problems adhering to the date. And that's all I got...there were a couple of problems with production that included changing the way the character came on screen without approval and mixing up the CTA/VO twice
CLIENT NAME: Adam A******* DATE: 06/06/2013 COMMENTS: The experience would've been great but unfortunately there were some problems adhering to the date. And that's all I got...there were a couple of problems with production that included changing the way the character came on screen without approval and mixing up the CTA/VO twice
CLIENT NAME: Greg P*** DATE: 06/04/2013 COMMENTS: My only complaint, and its only a half complaint because part of the blame is on me, is the total amount of time it took to compete the video. Our initial target was April 20th and the actual delivery date was today June 4. Other than that - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N4VAx64JBs
CLIENT NAME: Chip W****** DATE: 06/03/2013 COMMENTS: A great experience overall. We're thrilled with the video and the experience and the professionalism shown by Jeff and the whole team was great. No reason for the 4 out of 5 on the video other than I was maybe hoping to go one step further with flooring people with the epiphany about what we do and how we differ. That's not a failure of Epipheo at all, just something that's extremely tough to do in our industry. That said, I'm still extremely happy with the result and think it will certainly help distinguish us from the rest of the world. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Wasti A********* DATE: 06/03/2013 COMMENTS: Occasional breakdown in communication from phone call to delivery. Breakdown, sometime, down the, phoneline ................man that's bad ............do I get a point?
CLIENT NAME: Avi G********* DATE: 05/31/2013 COMMENTS: Great outcome but way too long, missed every deadline possible.
CLIENT NAME: Leslie M*********** DATE: 05/30/2013 COMMENTS: It was a pleasure working with Kole. the combined efforts produced fabulous results!
CLIENT NAME: Chris A******** DATE: 05/30/2013 COMMENTS: Overall we are delighted with the end product - it does what we need it to do. You guys are cool and very good - because we like you i wanted to give you some feedback on our experience (one of our company values is that Feedback is a gift) The process is really confusing, not helped by three changes in personnel through the development. If you started the project with an overview of the stages and what happens in each stage it would be a BIG help. This would enable you to explain the jargon you use (and obviously know inside out). We just did not get the differences between an animatic and animation because their was no high level plan at the start (or if there was we all missed it) The hub is confusing to work with - again if Epipheo 101 included an explanation of how it works and where you access the latest versions it would be a BIG help. By the end of the process it was starting to make sense but for the first four weeks it was a nightmare. You've got to remember that at that stage your clients will all have 100's of other urgent and important tasks to be dealing with - keeping the business running, developing other marketing activities, recruiting a team to deal with the demand they hope to stimulate. We struggled like hell with the script - trying to feed in suggestions which were either not incorporated or implemented exactly as we drafted - when really we wanted to benefit from your brilliance. The voice over artist selection was a nightmare - not sure how you'd fix this but for a novice (or virgin) its almost impossible to get past the subject they are talking about in the sample and see through to how the voice could be on our material. Obviously the need for an English accent made this worse in our case - but if the samples were classified by type of voice over this would help. We found ourselves discounting artists based on the first sample in their selection - especially when it was a cheesy "Sports FM" type advert - although working through the artists on the second and third occasion the samples that appeared second or third in the file were often more relevant to our target. Hope that makes sense and that i get a special prize for length of feedback. The video should be live on our site by the end of this week. Thanks for all your help - hope we weren't too much of a nightmare client. I will recommend your services.
CLIENT NAME: Michael A***** DATE: 05/30/2013 COMMENTS: Making a video is tough. Erika and Josh made it easier (actually, did all the hard work). Great to partner with you guys on this. Appreciate your willingness to take feedback in a constructive way and create a video we're really, really proud of.
CLIENT NAME: Kira P**** DATE: 05/29/2013 COMMENTS: This video turned out great, and we are so so happy with it, but didn't go as smoothly as the other two videos we've created with Epipheo. I felt the creativity wasn't at the same level and we had to work harder to get there.
CLIENT NAME: Caroline B****** DATE: 05/29/2013 COMMENTS: Responses to our amends were sometimes slow. Additionally some of the feedback we gave was ignored the first time it was submitted, until we reminded you a second or even third time e.g. adding a frame for Mr Ideal to be spending more time with customers before going onto the golf course. The English VO was added much later than hoped for. At times it felt like we were the ones writing the script. Having said all that - we are very happy with the finished product. Thank you.
CLIENT NAME: Mimi K****** DATE: 05/28/2013 COMMENTS: amazing product, overall very happy. only constructive criticism would be for more specific communication about deadlines and to avoid open-ended things like "we're working on it" - "will have asap" - since that doesn't translate to a specific date that can be planned around. thanks for everything!!
CLIENT NAME: Gael B******* DATE: 05/28/2013 COMMENTS: The overall experience was wonderful, the folks at Epipheo got their balls together to tell us that our initial idea was wrong and that we should trust them. Which proved to be exactly the right thing to do. Nicole was always available and a pleasure to work with, the only reason why the rating is not 5, is because I felt like she had a hard time reaching out to the designers and getting specific timelines from them, which was key in our project. But always a pleasure to talk to her. We only hope to be able to do other videos with you in the future, Epipheo was awesome. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Jassim L**** DATE: 05/28/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Alex R**** DATE: 05/28/2013 COMMENTS: The product was fantastic, but improvements could be made to the process. I felt the Epipheo team regularly did not incorporate our comments/edits and as a result, delays and rewrites occurred that were unnecessary. For example, it took us three (3) times to emphasize during the scripting process that we did not want "Jimmy Buffett" or any likeness in the ephipheo, yet it kept getting thrown in the rewrites from the Ephipheo team and even made it to the first version of last stage...animated into the video! There were numerous examples where we felt the Ephipheo team was simply not listening to us, and they would almost never communicate with hard dates or times projects would be completed by. That being said, we ended up with a good product, we just feel we could have done without some extra frustration down the road. As an aside, I have dealt with another Epipheo team and they were excellent on timing...so I do have an overall favorable opinion of the company and would certainly use them again.
CLIENT NAME: Robb H****** DATE: 05/27/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Alex B******** DATE: 05/24/2013 COMMENTS: You guys stuck with a difficult customer on this one...three or more cooks in the kitchen constantly changing the dish. Thank you for doing a great job!
CLIENT NAME: Veronica C***** DATE: 05/23/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Todd H**** DATE: 05/23/2013 COMMENTS: We really enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to the next video.
CLIENT NAME: Ashok V******* DATE: 05/22/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Katie A******* DATE: 05/21/2013 COMMENTS: Apart from taking way longer than expected, it was a pleasure working with the team and I feel that we got a great video in the end. I especially appreciated the way that the design team and Jed, the project lead, were able to translate my ideas into compelling visuals. I look forward to our next video.
CLIENT NAME: Brayden O**** DATE: 05/20/2013 COMMENTS: It was a very positive experience and good outcome with the video. There were some miscommunications getting the right idea across yet overall was very pleased. Will work with Epipheo again in the future.
CLIENT NAME: Charlie DATE: 05/17/2013 COMMENTS: Video looks great. Our only complaints related to the voiceover process and the fact that a few things weren't clear up front regarding takes on the voiceover.
CLIENT NAME: Assaf S****** DATE: 05/17/2013 COMMENTS: It was a great experience. You guys are great!
CLIENT NAME: Kat T***** DATE: 05/15/2013 COMMENTS: One more round of changes would have been nice to really polish some elements. I know. No time built into the project. Project updates as we approached the final hour would also have been helpful. It got a little quiet over there. Maybe you were in touch with the other folks in the group?
CLIENT NAME: Nidhi M**** DATE: 05/14/2013 COMMENTS: Great Job!
CLIENT NAME: Mike S***** DATE: 05/10/2013 COMMENTS: If Epipheo were a girl, I'd totally take her out to a nice steak dinner.
CLIENT NAME: Julie Z******** DATE: 05/09/2013 COMMENTS: It was great to work with all of you...thanks for an awesome video!!
CLIENT NAME: Arthur A*********** DATE: 05/09/2013 COMMENTS: Chris was very professional and very focused on customer satisfaction. The video creation process and my involvement was articulated at the beginning of the process so there were no surprises which is exactly what a customer wants. Overall, good job guys.....
CLIENT NAME: Ken R**** DATE: 05/08/2013 COMMENTS: The entire team at Epipheo has been amazing, they are supportive, flexible, and ingenius. Kirsten was patient and really worked with us to create an ingenius outcome. Thanks guys!
CLIENT NAME: Andrea E**************** DATE: 05/07/2013 COMMENTS: You know, this started off as not such a great experience. I have to say I was disappointed with the work progress or the lack thereof, for several weeks, despite several meetings and discussions and background notes provided by us, the client. I saw lots of great customer videos showcased on your website and yet work on our project stalled or produced unsubstantial results. My feedback to our project team lead was met on 3 separate occasions with the reply to modify the existing (unsatisfactory) video. No alternative solution was offered. It was not until we pushed extremely hard and then asked for a different team that the work took an amazing turn for the better and very quickly. In the final analysis, the slow path to success was not the issue. It was the failure of the team to "hear" and accept our feedback on several occasions that caused the frustration and resulting dissatisfaction. Chris, upon joining the team, turned things around completely, however. He was an amazing project lead, heard our feedback and incorporated ii into the subsequent video. The creative resources supporting Chris delivered with flying colors. I provide this feedback not to indict anyone but to praise the turnaround and to offer my feedback that it is important to have project leads who "hear" and respond to client feedback (as opposed to forcing the same idea over and over without hearing the feedback). The ability to hear and understand feedback will make projects more effective and will make the client happier. Thanks for working with us. We look forward to creating our next Epipheo with you.
CLIENT NAME: Louis A**** DATE: 04/30/2013 COMMENTS: Great working with you guys. Next time hopefully we won't change our messaging mid-way through and we can hit the 5 mark!
CLIENT NAME: Kim T**** DATE: 04/26/2013 COMMENTS: I love how you took our "words" in the first phone meeting and produced a video that is clear and concise! Not sure how you did it...but it's remarkable. Thanks, Kim :-)
CLIENT NAME: Mark S****** DATE: 04/26/2013 COMMENTS: You guys are awesome! Incredible the way your team grasped our concept and were able to explain our service in an effective way. Great concept up to end - felt like designer rushed ending requiring several unnecessary mods. I will be a great reference (and would not mention the part where I say designer rushed)
CLIENT NAME: Mark K*** DATE: 04/26/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience and exceptional delivery! It was a pleasure working with you all.
CLIENT NAME: Jay K***** DATE: 04/26/2013 COMMENTS: Really great experience overall -- have already recommended some folks your way. Do you have a referral program? The only negative thing I would say is that I was surprised that you require additional spend to gain access to the raw media; if we need to make a small wording change, logo, etc., we would have to come back and pay you guys which I'm not a fan of -- but I get it, it's a business. Anyway, thanks for the hard work; we've gotten a ton of positive comments thus far.
CLIENT NAME: Eric P**** DATE: 04/25/2013 COMMENTS: I really enjoy working with the team and look forward to future projects!
CLIENT NAME: Don B**** DATE: 04/23/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Phil F******** DATE: 04/23/2013 COMMENTS: Loved working with Nicole and team. They listened to all our feedback and helped make the difficult choices as to what to implement and what was not as critical. Story was distilled down to the aha moment nicely. Don't be surprised if you see us wanting to do another one shortly.
CLIENT NAME: Joe T******* DATE: 04/22/2013 COMMENTS: The video is a great tool for us to use. We are excited about how it turned out. Your staff was very professional, you kept us appraised when there was a delay, and then got everything on track. We really appreciate the effort involved and you made a great video for us.
CLIENT NAME: Yair G******** DATE: 04/18/2013 COMMENTS: We were inspired and honored to work with you guys. Many thanks.
CLIENT NAME: Guy W******* DATE: 04/18/2013 COMMENTS: Was really pleased with the level of support that we got from Epipheo, and really prize their eagerness to ensure that we got exacty what we wanted. Kirsten managed everything brilliantly and we're really happy with the result. Look forward to working on more projects going forward!
CLIENT NAME: Bruno C****** DATE: 04/17/2013 COMMENTS: Formidable!
CLIENT NAME: Richard M**** DATE: 04/17/2013 COMMENTS: You rock for sure, very professional all the way and would love to work with you again! Nicole deserves extra credit :-) Sorry but it does not rhyme, but then I am really not a poet
CLIENT NAME: Marc D********** DATE: 04/17/2013 COMMENTS: Results are beyond ny expectations. Very professipnal work!
CLIENT NAME: Joff H************ DATE: 04/17/2013 COMMENTS: A noble underachiever and a beautiful valedictorian fall in love the summer before she goes off to college. Starring John Cusack, 5 blokes called Chris, and directed by Epipheo.
CLIENT NAME: Maggie S**** DATE: 04/16/2013 COMMENTS: Nicole was awesome! You have a great group there. Keep up the good work. Rock on Epipheo!!!!!
CLIENT NAME: Durga D*** DATE: 04/15/2013 COMMENTS: I am glad Epipheo actually has a program where they are willing to subsidize their remuneration for indie developers and still provide them with the same high standard of work that they do for their regular clientele. The effort and quality of work is commendable. Really enjoyed working with Nicole and Sonny. Their enthusiasm for the work they do, does rub off on the client too! Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Joel D**** DATE: 04/12/2013 COMMENTS: Another home run!
CLIENT NAME: Cindy G******** DATE: 04/12/2013 COMMENTS: Incredible. Wonderful. Great, dedicated team, responsive, creative from start to finish. An experience I've not had recently, but would definitely work with you guys again!
CLIENT NAME: Katja L*** DATE: 04/11/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience. Chris was always attentive and helpful. It would be great to have a sheet of basic instructions for how to post the video online (through youtube or Vimeo.) We received a lot of help after we asked, but this seems like a simple thing you could put in a 1-2 page PDF to help save people time. thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Clint B***** DATE: 04/11/2013 COMMENTS: Our "What is Earthing" video has been a vision for us for a long time. We have dreamed of the day that we would have a simplistic informative video to help explain to the world just what the heck Earthing really is. In the end I feel that we have accomplished our goal and produced that video. Although we hit a few rough patches along the way (some of them caused by us and just not being familiar with the process as well as being extremely picky about the content) It all worked out in the end. With that said I see room for improvement in the approval process. I also thought that the Hub was cumbersome and hard to navigate. Oh and finally this tiny little window that I have to type my long review in is a bit annoying. Overall I guess what I am trying to say is I think that all of the things that need improvement revolve around the steps, systems, and procedures that provide information and approval to the client. Particularly to someone who is not familiar with the process of having a video produced. Thank You
CLIENT NAME: Ron G*** DATE: 04/10/2013 COMMENTS: maybe because I made cooler videos with you guys, but this one was (at least in my opinion) ended up just ok. thx
CLIENT NAME: Eduardo L**** DATE: 04/10/2013 COMMENTS: The video development process and the final video were both excellent. We were impressed with how well the team developed a video that really hit the mark. We are also impressed with how well the team made the minor adjustments we suggested. The only problem we found is that lack of documentation re: how to embed and display the video on our pages. how to use YouTube or Vimeo. Chris setup a call w/ us and he was able to help us. having documentation and then some handholding already setup is what we expected for the delivery of the video. Thank you,
CLIENT NAME: Heather G******* DATE: 04/09/2013 COMMENTS: Love the final product guys! Also, we've gotten great responses to this video as well from our private beta users, which was great to hear. Thanks for doing this for us and giving us the great "start up" price that made this video possible for us.
CLIENT NAME: Neil D**** DATE: 04/08/2013 COMMENTS: Greatly enjoyed working with Epipheo. Overall, the experience was very positive. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Alison A****** DATE: 04/08/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Julie W***** DATE: 04/05/2013 COMMENTS: Great working together on this project...I learned a lot about your process and I appreciate the professionalism and extra heart you put into the video. Look forward to working on the next one!
CLIENT NAME: Julie P**** DATE: 04/04/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Lindsay T***** DATE: 04/04/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Liz B****** DATE: 04/03/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo's marketing department rocks! However the perception does not match the experience.
CLIENT NAME: April D**** DATE: 04/03/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience working with the team collaboratively.
CLIENT NAME: Dorothy G******** DATE: 04/02/2013 COMMENTS: I really like our video but felt I was always trying to balance our brand with Epipheo's. I would have liked to have seen more choices when considering options. For the most part, we were provided with the final recommendation. It would have helped us think through what is ideal for us if we had some choices up front. That being said, our team was incredibly flexible in accommodating our edits throughout the process and the experience was very positive!
CLIENT NAME: Larry R***** DATE: 04/01/2013 COMMENTS: Your prompt reminds me of my favorite line from the movie, "Say Anything"...Lloyd Dobler: I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. I digress. I absolutely LOVED working with Nicole. She's is Gold. My only piece of criticism is around the URL...how it's displayed - I would have opted for a cleaner, crisper layout given the opportunity to chime in and the fact it's not "clickable" which is very unfortunate. This latter fact was made clear to me was not possible early on in the process however since then I've viewed explainer videos with clickable URLs at the end.
CLIENT NAME: Kara R***** DATE: 04/01/2013 COMMENTS: Both Matthew and Kirsten were great to work with. Organized, creative, and very responsive. I felt supported through the process and they gave a very boring process a fun perspective. Looking forward to our next project together. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Todd M******* DATE: 03/29/2013 COMMENTS: Enjoyed working you guys very creative group and timely
CLIENT NAME: Aubrey F***** DATE: 03/28/2013 COMMENTS: Nicole was a dream to work with. She was very quick to answer all of my questions and suggestions. The video turned out to be everything that I had envisioned it to be and so much more cooler! Would love the opportunity to work together again!
CLIENT NAME: Alissa C****** DATE: 03/27/2013 COMMENTS: Jed was great to work with and had great patience....especially considering our Client took more time that we all had originally planned. Everyone at Epipheo was super attentive and great at getting back to questions/concerns as soon as possible. We will definitely partner with Epipheo again in the future!
CLIENT NAME: Brian N**** DATE: 03/27/2013 COMMENTS: we're using the crap out of it. Thanks guys,
CLIENT NAME: Catherine D********** DATE: 03/27/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience - excellent project manager (Chris). Hope to work together on another project soon!
CLIENT NAME: Todd S**** DATE: 03/26/2013 COMMENTS: Loved the experience from start to finish. We love the final product and think your team did a wonderful job in setting expectations and responding to questions. If I had to find some room for improvement I would have to say that the process seemed to start off a little rocky. We were concerned that you didn't capture the right level of detail in the kickoff meeting when we saw the first draft of the script...but later it all came together. And overall, we're very happy. We've shown the video to small groups of internal people and received applause at the end of each. We're excited to launch the video publicly and hope to get the same reaction.
CLIENT NAME: Ron C******* DATE: 03/26/2013 COMMENTS: Ephipheo our video easily came together because of you and what you do new clients will "get" us better
CLIENT NAME: Sheila G**** DATE: 03/25/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ted H*** DATE: 03/25/2013 COMMENTS: Great job!
CLIENT NAME: Bennet P***** DATE: 03/24/2013 COMMENTS: Too slow, formulaic. Didn't respond well to feedback...This made everything take too long. That being said...it was well worth the trouble. And, we appreciate that the team took the time to listen and took the feedback. End product was great!
CLIENT NAME: Calev M**** DATE: 03/23/2013 COMMENTS: working with you is a pleasure difficult to measure much time was expended on a first cut abruptly ended yet the project on time was finished without quality diminished i hope we do many more of these viral videos galore let's pray for a million views on behalf of the Jews as the giraffe said to the baboon, let's be in touch soon
CLIENT NAME: Nick L****** DATE: 03/22/2013 COMMENTS: We are pretty happy with how the video turned out - we'll see how the reaction is from people not in our company. Regarding the process - things seemed to go great until we got our first "draft" of the animation. It was really poor quality and definitely not worth $20,000 or anywhere close. I complained and the animation was scrapped, which was totally appreciated - I'm glad we didn't get any pushback on that - but of course this meant that there was another several weeks before we saw a draft of the video again. The next draft was much better, and it was relatively straightforward to make some edits to it and get it to a place we were happy with. I think Jeff was great to work with, but obviously if we'd been on a tight timeline (which thankfully we weren't) then we would have been very unhappy. I think in the future you should try to make the first draft of the animation high quality - similar to the ones you showcase on your Vimeo channel. Thanks! Nick
CLIENT NAME: Chris H*** DATE: 03/22/2013 COMMENTS: So glad we chose Epipheo for this project and not a "cheaper option" - we really did get what we paid for. Kirsten was great to work with and I'm sure was supported by a great team behind the scenes. Thanks guys!
CLIENT NAME: John E**** DATE: 03/22/2013 COMMENTS: Kirsten was awesome!
CLIENT NAME: Mati S******* DATE: 03/22/2013 COMMENTS: Loved working with the team. I was deeply impressed by your commitment to boiling down the story till the true epiphany becomes clear.
CLIENT NAME: Jack G****** DATE: 03/22/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kristan P******* DATE: 03/20/2013 COMMENTS: I loved working with Kole! He kept the project on task and always goes above and beyond. Looking forward to our next project!
CLIENT NAME: Rob DATE: 03/20/2013 COMMENTS: YAY! x 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Rob
CLIENT NAME: Sean DATE: 03/20/2013 COMMENTS: I loved working with your team. They were all great and very customer service oriented. Good people. The sentiment on our side about the video is that it is pretty good, but not great. But, I also think we have really high expectations and know the richness of our story. It feels like it is hard to capture it all in this format. Thanks for everything!
CLIENT NAME: Kitty R********* DATE: 03/19/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo did a great job of hanging in with or team and client's very slow responses. I don't love the final piece - it feels dull and predictable, but I think it was our creative team's fault more than yours.
CLIENT NAME: Arian B****** DATE: 03/18/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Mark O*** DATE: 03/15/2013 COMMENTS: Josh and Eric were amazing to work with and they did everything possible to create and awesome epipheo! Everyone here is very pleased with the way the animation turned out.
CLIENT NAME: Liz M***** DATE: 03/15/2013 COMMENTS: You all did an excellent job! We are very pleased with everything.
CLIENT NAME: Eva F****** DATE: 03/15/2013 COMMENTS: Working with Jed and Josh was a brilliant experience, they took enough time to understand exactly what we do and wanted. In the process of working out the animatic and video, they were always very helpful, reliable and friendly. We are very happy with our video!
CLIENT NAME: Benjamin J********** DATE: 03/14/2013 COMMENTS: Great job...Alex is awesome
CLIENT NAME: Peter P**** DATE: 03/13/2013 COMMENTS: Excellent experience working with you - thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Melani S****** DATE: 03/08/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Tim A**** DATE: 03/07/2013 COMMENTS: Chris and the Epipheo team were awesome, timely, efficient and met our extremely difficult deadline. Thanks!!!
CLIENT NAME: Sean C****** DATE: 03/07/2013 COMMENTS: Great working with you guys. Ours was a hard concept to grasp at first, but after a few calls I think you guys nailed it. Sean
CLIENT NAME: Jason D**** DATE: 03/06/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Michael C****** DATE: 03/05/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Neal S****** DATE: 03/05/2013 COMMENTS: We were really impressed by the turnout of the video, as well as Jed and Josh's persistence to make it right. The process took longer than we anticipated, but this has nothing to do with Epipheo's ability to do its job. After many cycles, we hashed out a concept that worked for us, and we are thrilled with the result.
CLIENT NAME: Kawan D**** DATE: 03/04/2013 COMMENTS: Feedback from the two who worked most with you. 1. video 3 and experience 2 It was a huge timesink, always left phonecalls with the feeling the Epipheo team understood us, but every iteration proved that not much stuck. Our team spent way too much time re-writing the outline and script. The saving grace was that Epipheo team has a great animation/design skills to iterate quick on feedback. - 2. video 4 and experience 3 First I'll go through the difficult parts, and then the great parts. The difficult: We were hoping to have more guidance in the process of creating the story and representing the company. Instead we found ourselves having to spend a lot of time figuring out how to frame the product. We imagined this would be something Epipheo could do. This meant spending a lot of time crafting out a story plan, figuring out when details would be important- basically putting on the creative hat and the writing hat. Feedback went ignored sometimes. For instance, in the story plan phase me mentioned to avoid the convenience angle, and then found it to be the main storyline in the animatic. Later on, we would have to specify through a couple iterations to take out things like "related videos". This isn't too bad, but it would sometimes feel like our feedback wasn't really read. I've worked with many creatives and there are always wow moments where I'm impressed with the imagination and ingenuity of who I am working with. I was hoping this would happen more with this video, though it did happen a couple times which was nice. It happened when we saw the style. It definitely happened at the final iteration. For instance, putting that silly cat video really changed the feel of the video and made it a lot more enjoyable. If we hadn't pushed new versions this part wouldn't have been included, so I wonder to what extent the video could have been better if we pushed harder. When a week goes by and there is little interaction it feels like the project is on the backburner or an afterthought. After we voiced concern of the development, things moved more swiftly, but still, I wondered how much creative time was actually put into this project among the many projects Epipheo was working on. The great: The attitude from Epipheo was wonderful, always positive and energetic despite moments of stress. This was very refreshing and made the whole process more optimistic. For me, the turning point in the process came when I watched the video about epipheo and saw that moments of stress and arguing are a part of the process. At that point I took it in stride and saw it as a sign of progress, rather than a setback. the selection of voices was great, also the animation style selection was wonderful. The timeliness of the piece, and how Epipheo worked with us to have it out on time was fantastic. Honestly, the jump to the final iteration from the one before was huge, everything came together, in a surprising way. After that, and seeing a final product that was satisfying and what we were looking to convey, I felt better about the process.
CLIENT NAME: Jennifer S**** DATE: 03/04/2013 COMMENTS: It was awesome to work with Erika on our project. We've found it's rare for someone to hear us and understand us the way she was able to. We've struggled with taking what we do and condensing it down to its essence, we tend to get lost in the weeds. But you guys were able to get us there quickly and produce a video that hits all the marks and that we're very proud of. Thank you!!
CLIENT NAME: Maria M****** DATE: 03/04/2013 COMMENTS: Ours is a hard sale--and you guys seriously nailed it. The executives were very pleased. I got called "awesome" multiple times, but really you guys are the ones deserving of that adjective. Thank you for all your hard work!
CLIENT NAME: Julia C*********** DATE: 03/04/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Marghi M******** DATE: 03/02/2013 COMMENTS: Chris is the best external person I've ever worked with, hands down. (And as a VP of Marketing, it's a big group!) Smart, completely on top of it, always positive even when we were difficult. Seriously, a superstar. He did a superb job, and I can't believe how effortless this video was for us. You can quote me on that if you want.
CLIENT NAME: Jean C****** DATE: 03/01/2013 COMMENTS: THis was a great overall experience with a tough concept to capture. We have had great feedback on the video. Your patience made up for, at times, a lack of direction on really helping us focus our message and visually communicate it. Overall we would work with you all again because we know that you would hang in there with us until we got it right. Thanks again and tell Alex she is awesome. CB
CLIENT NAME: Matt B***** DATE: 03/01/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ged Q**** DATE: 03/01/2013 COMMENTS: I ejoyed the experience. I think in an ideal world, it could have been slightly faster to develop the videos. To be fair, part of that was getting things sorted at my end. I liked working with Eric.
CLIENT NAME: Emily J***** DATE: 02/28/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 02/27/2013 COMMENTS: A HUGE thank you to Chris and the creative team for pulling a rabbit out of the hat on a tight turnaround project for us. The new video is going gangbusters!! THANK YOU!
CLIENT NAME: Mark S**** DATE: 02/27/2013 COMMENTS: very pleased with Epipheo: patience, perseverence, flexibility, turn-around time, creativity, translation of geek-talk into something succinct and understandable by humans
CLIENT NAME: Miura, S****** DATE: 02/27/2013 COMMENTS: Always a great experience working with Chris. Wish we could navigate our internal company politics better so Chris can do a better job, we appreciate his patience and going extra rounds to get things right as we evolve a project through the process.
CLIENT NAME: Brian A******* DATE: 02/26/2013 COMMENTS: Experience first rate Professional team Resulting video beyond great Entire process a dream Thanks for a second home run!
CLIENT NAME: Peter A********* DATE: 02/26/2013 COMMENTS: When you're choosing guys with voices, make the list of given choices better with their diction (so there's far less aural friction).
CLIENT NAME: Jorden P****** DATE: 02/22/2013 COMMENTS: Totally impressed! Erika has a gift for hearing, understanding/translating, distilling, and then producing. As a creative director I'm usually sitting where she is in our internal projects and I understand the challenges of extracting what is wanted and converting it into a functionally effective asset. Not always easy and rarely fun and she (and team) score high on both accounts. Now to test virality...
CLIENT NAME: Chelsey K** DATE: 02/20/2013 COMMENTS: Appreciated your patience… Loved your funny style.. You got what we wanted.. We can’t wait to let this fly! :) Cheers
CLIENT NAME: John L****** DATE: 02/20/2013 COMMENTS: Kole, Chris and everyone else at Epipheo who touched my project exceeded my expectations. You are the gold standard for strategic marketing partners!
CLIENT NAME: Sarah F******* DATE: 02/20/2013 COMMENTS: Our Epipheo team was really exceptional in working with us. I understand how extremely hard it is to work with another Agency who is outsourcing work and still wants to maintain control. There were rounds of edits and input and all was met with a very professional team who went above and beyond to keep us happy and still deliver on time. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with on a project like this.
CLIENT NAME: Jeff M*** DATE: 02/19/2013 COMMENTS: Apologies for the delayed feedback - better late than never! Video ended up coming together great. Team was professional and responsive. We were a bit surprised by the quick turnaround needed for the VO and felt that could have been communicated better. Also felt like some feedback we provided in terms of creating spaces and tweaking the VO should have come from the Epipheo team. Also, it felt like we had additional talent come onboard at the end of the project as quality ramped up really quickly in terms of video animation and effects (in final rounds of editing). All in all, would use Epipheo again.
CLIENT NAME: Caroline W**** DATE: 02/19/2013 COMMENTS: Epipheo team was easy to work with and the hub was a useful tool for providing feedback.
CLIENT NAME: Paul B**** DATE: 02/18/2013 COMMENTS: As we never embarked on a project of this nature in the past, we found the help and advice we received throughout each step to be extremely helpful and practical. Good job!
CLIENT NAME: John H****** DATE: 02/18/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience working with the Epipheo team. You do rock!
CLIENT NAME: Karen N***** DATE: 02/15/2013 COMMENTS: We had a great time working with the Epipheo team on our video. You were really professional, took our comments/suggestions to heart and acted on them quickly. I appreciate that you took the time to review and provide comments on what you were delivering to us before you delivered it. Both the overall experience and the finished product were great.
CLIENT NAME: Ken W*** DATE: 02/15/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jan W*** DATE: 02/15/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jessica M******* DATE: 02/14/2013 COMMENTS: Matt was a total rockstar!!!! Thank you Matt.... Few delays in the process - often our fault. Will know how to expedite things a little faster in the future! Looking forward to working together again.
CLIENT NAME: Chris B******* DATE: 02/14/2013 COMMENTS: It is really a pleasure to work with you guys. The final quality is always top notch, but the process makes it a pleasure.
CLIENT NAME: Guy M***** DATE: 02/14/2013 COMMENTS: All in all a very good experience and a great video, There was only one area I think could be significantly improved. Our narration was done before the animation was created and as a result some of the intimation and tone is off. I feel it would have been a better outcome if the narrator could see the video whilst they read the script. That way, they would know where the visual humour was and could better gauge when to vary the pitch and tone.
CLIENT NAME: Carlyn S******** DATE: 02/11/2013 COMMENTS: Pleased with overall experience, but there were a few last-minute changes to the schedule based on last-minute changes to VO and designer schedules. Would have really loved to have a more final animatic, for example, but we couldn't since the designer suddenly went OOO.
CLIENT NAME: Paul T***** DATE: 02/07/2013 COMMENTS: Josh is an absolute rock star, His work was way WAY above par, Committed to awesome stuff, No crap, no fluff, When I look at the video, I have to ask why? My eyes, tear up - and I begin to cry. THANKS JOSH! (and team).
CLIENT NAME: Tom W**** DATE: 02/07/2013 COMMENTS: Nice work. Process made sense, and we ended up with two good pieces, one of which we have already put to use extensively. One miss from our side perhaps. When using it at a noisy trade show, it made a bit less sense without the audio. We can show captions, but wonder of you have encountered this use case before. Thanks guys!
CLIENT NAME: Victor S***** DATE: 02/07/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Caitlin M****** DATE: 02/06/2013 COMMENTS: Everyone on the Epipheo team was AWESOME. From Steve on the front end to Chris and Dave during the creative process through to the final video - the whole experience was flawless. I've already recommended Epipheo and am so excited with the piece you came up with for us. A thousand thanks -
CLIENT NAME: Amber R******** DATE: 02/06/2013 COMMENTS: Thanks - you guys did a great job capturing our story in a very funny little video without taking up much of my time at all and on a super short timeline. Love that. You rock (a lot, not a little).
CLIENT NAME: Linda K****** DATE: 02/05/2013 COMMENTS: We're thrilled with our new video! The creative team did a fantastic job and Jonathan did a wonderful job guiding us through the entire process.
CLIENT NAME: Daren G*** DATE: 02/05/2013 COMMENTS: I miss the awesome animation of epipheo. Doing It in live action with actors seems to minimize the a-ha effect. But maybe it is just our concept or one data point.
CLIENT NAME: Brooke H****** DATE: 02/04/2013 COMMENTS: Thanks Alex for being very flexible and accommodating of our changes to the script; we felt you worked well with us to listen to and implement our ideas and suggestions.
CLIENT NAME: Brad H******* DATE: 02/01/2013 COMMENTS: Kole has been awesome to work with and the video rocks!
CLIENT NAME: Randy R****** DATE: 02/01/2013 COMMENTS: You guys get it! Keep it up.
CLIENT NAME: Trevor G******** DATE: 02/01/2013 COMMENTS: I just paid nearly all of my seed capital launch budget to have the great Epihany Masters create the proud epiphany moment I'd been imagining for several years while building this project. In the end, because Epipheo just couldn't "get it", I had to write it myself. Which makes it a $20,000 2min animation, which, frankly I coulda bought by the pound (about $3~5k) here in LA. Maybe another $200 for the VO. I do this for a living, y'know. It's obvious my dissatisfaction with the first round put peoples noses out of joint and a lesser effort was applied thereafter. I respectfully asked for a discount but was flatly refused — as you knew I couldn't get the end product without paying up. Bully for you. I was going to be so proud and SO vocal about this video, and of course it will have to get used, but I would say it remains maybe 50% of its potential to do the job promised, so now my Epipheo word of mouth will err on the negative side. All I wanted was the humor that I know you're capable of. If only I'd got to read the script before first animatics, maybe things woulda been different. If only you'd let me come to your offices and show you the product, maybe things woulda been different. Anyway, I have the alpha version, so now at least I can pay more to have it made right. Correct the audio that I couldn't make cos your guy went "out of town" etc. So painful. Learning process I guess. You got your money. And to think I had three more videos lined up... Sorry that didn't rhyme. Not in a rhyming mood.
CLIENT NAME: Flo D********** DATE: 01/29/2013 COMMENTS: good job again guys and thanks for the patience on getting this done!
CLIENT NAME: Peter H***** DATE: 01/28/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Greg S******* DATE: 01/23/2013 COMMENTS: Not to be brash, but we wanted a video that would make a big splash. We needed a video that would make us proud. Something that when shown would leave people wowed. Now everyone has seen it, and we all agree it's hipper than a hipster drinking herbal tea; cooler than an 80's youth pastor with a rocking goatee; more impressive than being an academy award nominee. In the end, thank you doesn't seem like enough, but finding the right words is kinda tough. So let's just leave it at, you guys are hot stuff. - we love it, thanks
CLIENT NAME: Kira P**** DATE: 01/23/2013 COMMENTS: You guys helped us tackle a HUGE concept that we've struggled with for over a year and made a clear, simple, easy to understand story that we can tell. You guys are brilliant! Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Evan H****** DATE: 01/23/2013 COMMENTS: Was a great experience and a great video was produced. Nicole was always on the ball, even when we were not. Thanks again!
CLIENT NAME: Amanda DATE: 01/23/2013 COMMENTS: I enjoyed working with Alex once we got rolling. Most of the issues really had to do with coordination on our end. The final product was the first effort by this client to distill what they do down to a 2 minutes infomercial... Thanks for the hard work!
CLIENT NAME: Megan S******** DATE: 01/22/2013 COMMENTS: We love the Epipheo!
CLIENT NAME: Erin P***** DATE: 01/22/2013 COMMENTS: You met every commitment with intelligence and class. I'm very pleased with my video.
CLIENT NAME: Abnesh R**** DATE: 01/21/2013 COMMENTS: Brilliant team that invested the time and energy to understand who we really are and what we do and packaged that message better than we could have.
CLIENT NAME: Michael B**** DATE: 01/21/2013 COMMENTS: Anything!!!
CLIENT NAME: Jody P******* DATE: 01/18/2013 COMMENTS: Awesome experience working with Epipheo! The final video is incredible and the process was enjoyable, straightforward and easy! I feel like my team got to be very involved in the process but didn't have to do much work!! Perfect results and perfect process :) Thanks for everything!
CLIENT NAME: Amanda G******** DATE: 01/18/2013 COMMENTS: Script edits via google docs wasn't liked by all. When converted to excel and edited there, some edits were initially overlooked. It all worked out in the end, but did cause a little bit of confusion.
CLIENT NAME: Patrick P**** DATE: 01/18/2013 COMMENTS: Great working with Epipheo again - well managed process and the end result was excellent.
CLIENT NAME: Kris W***** DATE: 01/15/2013 COMMENTS: Awesome team. They responded to our feedback. They provided quick responses. They produced a great video. Highly recommend.
CLIENT NAME: Belen R*** DATE: 01/14/2013 COMMENTS: your work is excellent, you guys are very talented and professional, we are happy with the final result. Working with you in the project was very easy! thanks for meeting the deadline and for the added value!
CLIENT NAME: Zev P***** DATE: 01/11/2013 COMMENTS: We didn't feel like we were treated with the kind of quality that brought us to spend a serious pile of our startup cash on the videos in the first place but Kole was incredible and the recovery efforts after the initial disaster were quite noble. We'd recommend you guys in a heartbeat. Wouldn't mind if you gave us a little push in your social media channels, though.
CLIENT NAME: Robbie W********* DATE: 01/08/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience working with the team at Epipheo, will definitely reach out again if we need more awesome web toons!
CLIENT NAME: Robbie W********* DATE: 01/08/2013 COMMENTS: Great experience working with the team at Epipheo, will definitely reach out again if we need more awesome web toons!
CLIENT NAME: Sherna S********* DATE: 01/07/2013 COMMENTS: It was a pleasure working with you and team!!
CLIENT NAME: Toni V**** DATE: 01/07/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Marshall S******** DATE: 01/02/2013 COMMENTS: The original purpose for this video had a tight length limitation. It has bee determined what it is missing could be handled with a slightly longer version.
CLIENT NAME: Jay Z***** DATE: 01/01/2013 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Damon T***** DATE: 12/28/2012 COMMENTS: We are used to having a team guide us thru their expertise. Good producer but difficult process. One point of contact was not enough. Not enough best practices process to benefit from. No character development or product display requirements meeting, nor direct creative sessions with creative(s), which would of saved us all a lot of time. Much of deliverables were way off the written spec for much of the process. We didn't really end up with what we asked for. i.e. the Roboshow should not have stopped to show the features of Play, Pause, Skip, etc. but we were so far behind schedule we let it go. Still, the dedication of Chris to help us get it right, or more right at least, was a key factor in us rating it near gold in its final outcome. So, thanks to all involved. We hope it serves us all well! - Cheers, Happy Holidays!
CLIENT NAME: Moises R****** DATE: 12/27/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Angela M***** DATE: 12/22/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Shaun K*** DATE: 12/21/2012 COMMENTS: Love you all and know we will work together again. Great project manager. So professional. A++
CLIENT NAME: Irene S****** DATE: 12/19/2012 COMMENTS: There once was a company, epipheo Who did an amazing video From concept to design The output was divine We look forward to making a portfolio.
CLIENT NAME: Christina S********* DATE: 12/19/2012 COMMENTS: Working with Epipheo was great Not really sure how working with us rates I really like Ice Skates (ok now it's getting crazy). Seriously awesome job on the animation!
CLIENT NAME: Jon C**** DATE: 12/19/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience working with Chris and his team. They got creative when we needed something crazy, and they turned around our feedback quickly. Thanks for the awesome work.
CLIENT NAME: Sara I**** DATE: 12/19/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Brendan W**** DATE: 12/19/2012 COMMENTS: Was unreal to work with Epipheo, I think the best thing was that we were able to condense the schedule because we approved stages faster. Was important for us to have this done by Christmas, and because of the flexibility, we were able to do this. Was also great that you guys helped to work around the time difference between Aus and Cincinnati. Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Dennis J**** DATE: 12/18/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Sandra S***** DATE: 12/17/2012 COMMENTS: May I state, It has been great. The team is a joy, just a bit late.
CLIENT NAME: Rick D****** DATE: 12/14/2012 COMMENTS: Since you are asking for feedback, I want to tell you why the marks are not both 5's. First, we are VERY grateful for Epipheo's decision to work with us and for providing us with a highly discounted rate on our video. We would never have had the chance to work with you otherwise and we would not have two very cool videos to use for marketing our club at this point. Our interim video (the rough black and white version) was AWESOME. It blew us away!!! Our final video is not as good, in our minds, as the interim video. It is still a great video, but the bar was put way high by the interim product and the final video just could not make the same bar. What happened, you might ask? Well, if you were to look for a perfect 5 on both of the measurements, there probably should have been a bit more work on both of our parts between the interim video and the "first" final version of our video. What went wrong? Look at the details in our hub...it's all there. I don't want to rehash it right now. I think the only thing that has some of our team members scratching their heads is how we ended up with a chalk outlined style in our final video, without seeing something that looked that way (as an example) prior to the delivery of the final video. I had not mentioned this as an issue before because I felt that it would be a deal breaker. Now that the deal is over, I want to let you know that, in the future, I would recommend that (when dealing with a new customer like us), you explain what the final style is going to be like prior to dumping it on us as the final video. It was a surprise, and not an incredibly well received one, but, we are paying a discounted rate and we promised to play nicely and to work around your schedules, etc., to obtain the discounted rate, so we did not previously mention this topic. What did we expect? Well, we expected a colorized, more animated version of the interim product, with a similar look. We will definitely use both the interim and final videos for marketing our club, but, right now, we are planning on using the interim product for the foreseeable future...IT ROCKS!!! Your team, especially Ford, Jeff, and Chris were a real pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend your team to anyone who likes our video. But, we would also caution such folks to pay close attention to the time between the interim deliverable and the final video. We did not pay enough attention to this time, and we have only ourselves to blame for our inability to say that the final product also rocks...thanks for asking for feedback...it's been cleansing!
CLIENT NAME: Niklas D******* DATE: 12/14/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Joachim H***** DATE: 12/13/2012 COMMENTS: Kole did a great job and he guided us through this project which was not easy as we had to deal with multi-cultural issues and two languages. Kole: job well done! Our THANK YOU to you & team. Happy Holidays
CLIENT NAME: Navdeep S**** DATE: 12/12/2012 COMMENTS: We love the quality of work and the level of detail that comes out in your video. every small sound and every visual is done very nicely. Kepp up the good work.
CLIENT NAME: Robbie A******* DATE: 12/12/2012 COMMENTS: Your team was wonderful to work with, responsiveness, open to change, flexible and creative. Mahalo nui (thank you very much) for your great work. Aloha!
CLIENT NAME: Heather P***** DATE: 12/12/2012 COMMENTS: Nicole was AWESOME to work with!!!!!!! Our whole experience with Epipheo was fantastic...no complaints!!!!!!
CLIENT NAME: Colleen S******* DATE: 12/11/2012 COMMENTS: Great responsive work from the Epipheo team. Listened to clients' needs and came back quickly with solutions. Made it a fun process with immediate gradification. Not like the long drawn out process of making a traditional video. Loved the humor of the Hub and the questionaire! You all made it look so easy. Thanks - your video and all the edits hit the mark!
CLIENT NAME: Matt D***** DATE: 12/11/2012 COMMENTS: There once was a girl named Nicole. Wise beyond her years, an old soul. She got everything right, It was never a fight. And her humor is always so droll.
CLIENT NAME: Orit H***** DATE: 12/11/2012 COMMENTS: Love the video Love the team Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Brad M**** DATE: 12/09/2012 COMMENTS: I like your website.
CLIENT NAME: Kayla J****** DATE: 12/08/2012 COMMENTS: I think the biggest thing we learned through this experience is that our epiphany and company story is hard to tell. We didn't quite get the message across we had thought, but the video definitely did turn out well and will be very useful for us! Thanks for the help in bringing our story to life.
CLIENT NAME: Amit J*** DATE: 12/07/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Robb D*** DATE: 12/06/2012 COMMENTS: We were ultimately happy with our finished video and thought that our account manager tried very hard to satisfy us. We were disappointed, though, that our animation didn't quite match the quality of other Epipheos that originally attracted us. It seemed that Epipheo didn't quite understand our story, wrote a weak script, and struggled to add much to the process beyond the final animation. We will likely work with a different multimedia company for our next project like this.
CLIENT NAME: Jon Z****** DATE: 12/04/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: George R**** DATE: 12/04/2012 COMMENTS: All, The group at idRADAR has had nothing but the best experience working with everyone we've been in contact with, but primarily Jonathan. Jonathan has been both a great communicator, but he is also able to take our suggestions and ideas and translate them into vignettes, stories, subtle nuances and sounds applicable to our themes and concepts. Great experience from our end. Thanks.
CLIENT NAME: Richard D**** DATE: 12/04/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Larry R*** DATE: 12/03/2012 COMMENTS: We appreciated the way the Epipheo team rebounded after the initial attempt did not work out. The finished product is something we like a lot.
CLIENT NAME: Lori A******* DATE: 11/28/2012 COMMENTS: Too many rounds of edits. This was both my company's fault and Epipheo's fault: we have complex content that wasn't fully understood by the Epipheo team. I chose Epipheo because it seemed to be on the cutting edge of technology and to have some staff who specialize in math and complex subject matter (according to our original sales rep). Overall, the subject matter proved complex and we had too may cooks in the kitchen on our side. But, 11 months later, we do have a great video.
CLIENT NAME: Janet C***** DATE: 11/28/2012 COMMENTS: Kirsten and the epipheo team are fabulous talents! We loved our experience. The Voice over was the most difficult thing for us...we grew attached to Kirsten's delivery but respect the input you gave that a male voice pulls better for videos. But I still love Kirsten's "face you can punch!" Thanks for everything!
CLIENT NAME: Max S***** DATE: 11/26/2012 COMMENTS: Unfortunately, you can't win them all. I wish you and your team the best and I hope you nail your next projects!
CLIENT NAME: Victor F******* DATE: 11/24/2012 COMMENTS: It was fun working with your team. Keep up the good work!
CLIENT NAME: Don V******* DATE: 11/23/2012 COMMENTS: When you invent things, you tend to want to tell people about all the internal details. Clearly it isn't possible to explain things in detail, and it's important to find the story that you are able to tell in the time allotted. I think the team at Epipheo did a great job, of putting up with our nit-picking, and coming up with a finished product that we are really proud of. I look forward to working with you guys again, you're good at what you do, and we appreciate being able to work with you.
CLIENT NAME: Paige L**** DATE: 11/20/2012 COMMENTS: Again, the project team, Chris, Kirsten, Nicole, were great! We really like the end video and think it's a very creative way to present the content. There were a few bumps in the road in the begininng--not knowing we needed to have an ironed out "epiphany" before the kick-off--but once we got things going it was smooth sailing. Justin seemed a bit too informal and relaxed at times, but eventually we got things running. Justin also failed to follow the invoicing requirements as outlined on the SOW--he did not send the invoices to the correct person, and he did not follow the invoicing milestones as agreed upon. Other than that, it was a great experience.
CLIENT NAME: Paige L**** DATE: 11/20/2012 COMMENTS: The project team, Chris, Kirsten, Nicole, were professional, creative and hard working. We enjoyed the experience and are very satisfied with the product. We had a few snags in the beginning, but once we were able to better communicate our objective and goal, the project team came up with a great story.
CLIENT NAME: Arif A*** DATE: 11/18/2012 COMMENTS: I am glad I ended up selecting Epipheo to create our video. I would really like to thank Nicole and Chris for their outstanding work. Thank you
CLIENT NAME: Sien M****** DATE: 11/16/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Bret H****** DATE: 11/15/2012 COMMENTS: I thought the experience was great with Epipheo. Josh and Eric were a joy to work with and I would recommend your group to other businesses and friends. Thank you for bringing our message to life!
CLIENT NAME: John H*** DATE: 11/14/2012 COMMENTS: Chris and his team ROCKS!!! They really blew off my socks???
CLIENT NAME: Kathleen W*** DATE: 11/13/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Filip P****** DATE: 11/13/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Leo P******** DATE: 11/12/2012 COMMENTS: To work with Kirsten and with Chris is such a bliss! And what you people did for us we'll never reminisce! /Leo (How many bonus points do I get?)
CLIENT NAME: Sherrine T** DATE: 11/09/2012 COMMENTS: I really enjoyed working with Epipheo! Eric was great in that he's really quick in grasping how we build products here, which is no easy feat. He took what's really complex and turn it into a really simple and compelling story. And Sonny, has been such a pleasure to work with. Not only was he very responsive, he definitely went over and beyond and was doing his best at all times and I really mean at ALL times (including nights and weekends) to make sure I had everything I need. I would work with this team in a heartbeat! Great work!
CLIENT NAME: Nate T****** DATE: 11/09/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Brian A******* DATE: 11/09/2012 COMMENTS: shoes don't give ya blues but if you come to kansas city I'll buy you some thank you booze.
CLIENT NAME: Matt B****** DATE: 11/08/2012 COMMENTS: Great start through the VO. Chris helped us just nail our strategy and script. He really understood our product and what we were trying to convey. Adherence to promised timelines was a constant struggle once we started animation, and we received quite a few versions for "approval" that didn't reflect our extensive previous feedback. Long stretches of not seeing anything and no communication after blowing through deadlines. Great push at the end (after switching animators?) and I am a happy customer. But I was pretty close to pulling the plug and just forfeiting deposit through late August and September. I understand this was due to the workload on your end. Busy is good, and I'm glad you guys are growing, but I didn't always feel like an important or valued customer. Love the finished product. You need a little of heat and pressure to make a diamond, right? I plan to use you guys again once we get some more products moving. I was thrilled in the beginning, then really frustrated, but ended up thrilled.
CLIENT NAME: Leuk A******* DATE: 11/08/2012 COMMENTS: Core to our experience I feel was Jonathan and his great customer service through manner and willingness to meet our timelines / timezone but most importantly ...to work with us creatively. His subtle hand steered us away from bad decisions in a way that was skillful and did not feel stifling or obstructive to the creative process. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Susan R****** DATE: 11/08/2012 COMMENTS: We were not well organized for the project on our side and it seems that led to delays and confusion. Overall the video came out well despite all this. My only suggestion would be that Epipheo could have brought issues and poor communication to the attention of management to rectify things sooner. I thought that everyone at Epipheo seemed creative and professional however.
CLIENT NAME: Zach B*** DATE: 11/06/2012 COMMENTS: Very pleased with the video. The project was months and months so we had that nice cushion. Really happy to be working with Eric A and the talented team. My only wish is more options for voice overs and a little more heads up on how the look and feel would be executed. It ended up lovely, but with another squad could have been trouble. Love you guys and thank you so much for the donation of resources, time and love into a successful campaign. We couldn't have done it without you. In the end we far exceeded our goals.
CLIENT NAME: Samuli Z********* DATE: 11/06/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Keith C****** DATE: 11/05/2012 COMMENTS: Josh is great
CLIENT NAME: Penny M***** DATE: 11/05/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Salima K******* DATE: 11/01/2012 COMMENTS: GREAT Collaboration. GREAT quality. I would definitely leverage the service im the future for other projects/ solutions.
CLIENT NAME: Aaron W***** DATE: 10/31/2012 COMMENTS: Honestly the guys at Epipheo were so personable and helpful. It was a process of creating something with people and not submitting something to a company. Really great. Thanks.
CLIENT NAME: Kira P**** DATE: 10/31/2012 COMMENTS: You guys not only exceeded our expectations with the quality of our video and story, but with the actual creation process. It couldn't be more fun and easy to work with you. Can't wait to do more. THANK YOU.
CLIENT NAME: Shannon E***** DATE: 10/31/2012 COMMENTS: Roses are red, violets are blue, Epipheo Rocks, so I love you! Everything was great! Love the ingenuity, the people, & the video esp! If there were more companies & teams like you'd the world would be a happier place! Was that cheesy enough? You guys bring my cheesy out!
CLIENT NAME: Mike C*** DATE: 10/31/2012 COMMENTS: Epipheo continues to be a great group to work with. Very kind and accomodating... patient with us and our needs.
CLIENT NAME: Jana F******** DATE: 10/30/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience... great output. Design took awhile to get aligned, but in the end it all worked!
CLIENT NAME: Patrick B**** DATE: 10/30/2012 COMMENTS: Thanks for injecting a lot of creativity, original thinking and passion into our project. We look forward to working with you a lot more.
CLIENT NAME: Chris B******* DATE: 10/30/2012 COMMENTS: Working with Epipheo was a refreshing break from the "creative" vendors I have previously worked. Well done!
CLIENT NAME: Keith T**** DATE: 10/30/2012 COMMENTS: The experience was excellent throughout. If I was a pig I would cheer with my Snout. :-)
CLIENT NAME: Ivan P*** DATE: 10/30/2012 COMMENTS: Epipheo did everything they could to meet our demands and expectations.
CLIENT NAME: Andrew S**** DATE: 10/29/2012 COMMENTS: Video turned out great, we were charged extra for it being longer, which I felt was wrong given that Chris pretty much controlled the story and the length of it. We were able to turn it around in a short period of time, so I do appreciate that.
CLIENT NAME: Terry P****** DATE: 10/28/2012 COMMENTS: Have completed two projects with you guys and am really, really pleased with the outcome and quality. We've gotten a great response from our customers and markets. The conventional wisdom has been that our CEO in Europe HATES animation, so for months we'd been expecting the axe to fall on this effort. Instead, our CEO said last month he thought the Epipheo product was extremely well done and that the animation and humor was appropriate and effective, without being too silly. The programs are now being shown to other divisions as a best in class example of how animation should be executed. The teams in Cincinatti and Portland have were awesome to work with. Especially appreciated Chris' creativity and ability to make two pretty mundane subjects fun and engaging.
CLIENT NAME: Paul S**** DATE: 10/27/2012 COMMENTS: I am really impressed with the professionalism you guys brought to the relationship especially very prompt communication responses to questions and adjustments needed. I will definitely use you guys again once the site starts making money in about 8-12 months hopefully.
CLIENT NAME: Beverly C******* DATE: 10/27/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Phillip H********* DATE: 10/27/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience!
CLIENT NAME: Bill S******** DATE: 10/26/2012 COMMENTS: Your team rocks! We had a great experience and won't hesitate to come back for more. The only nit I've got is some trouble we had with the file when trying to put it on our website. We couldn't get it to work until we uncompressed it and recompressed it. Then it worked. Some sort of compression issue is the only thing we can figure. But all is good now.
CLIENT NAME: Susan B*** DATE: 10/26/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Garrett H**** DATE: 10/26/2012 COMMENTS: I hopped on the project at the end, And was glad to work on this Epipheo. I will be sure to recommend you to a friend, If ever they need a funny video.
CLIENT NAME: Josh M***** DATE: 10/25/2012 COMMENTS: You guys are the best in the midwest!
CLIENT NAME: Steve P***** DATE: 10/25/2012 COMMENTS: The project started off very well. Nicole was very succinct and had a very quick understanding of where we wanted to go with our message. Middle of the project hit a few major bumps and we were not at all pleased with the overall project management piece of the project. We felt we were not afforded enough attention to detail when it came time to put forth the 1st draft of the video. It was not good and quite frankly we did not feel it came close to what we thought we should expect from Epipheo studios. However, Nicole was quick to reconvene her team and refocus their efforts to assure us that we would in fact, receive a final product worthy of the Epipheo brand and reflect our expectations. All's well that ended well! We are very happy with the final product and we were grateful of Nicole's efforts and dedication to the production of our video. Best Steve
CLIENT NAME: Lee B******* DATE: 10/25/2012 COMMENTS: solid!
CLIENT NAME: Justin R*** DATE: 10/25/2012 COMMENTS: Great team to work with. We are very happy with our video and look forward to working together again.
CLIENT NAME: Anthony J****** DATE: 10/25/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Mark B******** DATE: 10/24/2012 COMMENTS: Once again, it was great to work with the Epipheo team. Everybody was really responsive to our needs and the work was competed even faster than the first time. We are just starting to push out the video but responses so far have been great. We hope to work with you again soon.
CLIENT NAME: Alison M****** DATE: 10/24/2012 COMMENTS: Hi there -- I came late to the game (replacing the original manager who has gone on mat leave) but I have to say that I have been very impressed by Matt and his professionalism (so quick to respond!) and I really, really like the video (especially the flashing red eyes on the skull!)
CLIENT NAME: David C***** DATE: 10/24/2012 COMMENTS: I thought the Epipheo team accomlished exactly what we had hoped for when we decided to engage Epipheo to help us creatively tell the story of our offering. Many thanks to Jeff for doing a great job listening to our needs and input and balancing it with what Epipheo knows works best. I will be recommending Epipheo to others.
CLIENT NAME: Peter S****** DATE: 10/24/2012 COMMENTS: A great experience that exceeded our expectations. It's nice working with people who aren't so serious.
CLIENT NAME: Andrea M******* DATE: 10/23/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kimberley S**** DATE: 10/23/2012 COMMENTS: The Epipheo group was very creative, technology savvy and on target with project management. Not to mention patient with my crazy schedule. I will recommend them to anyone.
CLIENT NAME: Khuen H***** DATE: 10/23/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Emily C*** DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Becky H****** DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS: Our Epipheo is having the impact we envisioned before we even made our first call to you guys. Customers "get it" as they watch - and relate to the message. THANK YOU!
CLIENT NAME: Robert C******** DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS: We're very satisfied with our finished product, and enjoyed working with you.
CLIENT NAME: Tomas P**** DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS: You guys truly made me feel like a
CLIENT NAME: Dennis M****** DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS: Overall a very good experience... The video has helped a bit but overall we didn't get the bounce we were hoping to get for the expenditure. Probably over hopeful on our part.
CLIENT NAME: Mitch R******* DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ken A******* DATE: 10/22/2012 COMMENTS: I have already filled this out.
CLIENT NAME: Matt F********* DATE: 10/20/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Brian A******* DATE: 10/19/2012 COMMENTS: One incredible team, creative in extreme, Sublime and funny theme, working relationship a dream, Tight deadlines required steam, but results beyond supreme... all in all a marketer's dream
CLIENT NAME: Mark K******** DATE: 10/19/2012 COMMENTS: You guys ROCK! Looking forward to doing the next one.
CLIENT NAME: Peter P**** DATE: 10/19/2012 COMMENTS: All good.
CLIENT NAME: Rob E****** DATE: 10/19/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Henry T**** DATE: 10/18/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience again! Thanks
CLIENT NAME: Marvin A******* DATE: 10/18/2012 COMMENTS: We've already discussed. Thanks!
CLIENT NAME: Brittany J****** DATE: 10/18/2012 COMMENTS: We love our Epipheo video! We couldn't be any prouder of the final out come and total experience with Epipheo. They're professionalism and complete understanding of our company really made for a fantastic final outcome!!
CLIENT NAME: Joel D**** DATE: 10/17/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jenna W******** DATE: 10/17/2012 COMMENTS: Great creativity and communication throughout. It's been a pleasure.
CLIENT NAME: Matt K**** DATE: 10/17/2012 COMMENTS: You guys are pros Everyone knows that if they want the best Call Epipheo and put them to the test. They'll pass with flying colors And your video will go viral, as it's shared with others! BANG SNAP FACTORING IS BACK!
CLIENT NAME: Jim S****** DATE: 10/17/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Michael S****** DATE: 10/16/2012 COMMENTS: Love the final product, great work. Now we just need some users!
CLIENT NAME: Teresa S****** DATE: 10/16/2012 COMMENTS: It's amazing what Epipheo can do in a two minute video!
CLIENT NAME: Rafael A***** DATE: 10/16/2012 COMMENTS: you guys were great, you took the bait, the video wasn't late and helped us open the floodgate (of traffic).
CLIENT NAME: Chad B***** DATE: 10/16/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Monica A**** DATE: 10/15/2012 COMMENTS: Most of the videos went pretty well, but the last two - not so much. Sponsor was so unhappy we scrapped the whole thing - not good.
CLIENT NAME: Robin S***** DATE: 10/15/2012 COMMENTS: It took way too long to finish.
CLIENT NAME: Michel B******* DATE: 10/15/2012 COMMENTS: the process was much slower than we expected. the end product was great; but it took 6 months to produce.
CLIENT NAME: Laura T***** DATE: 10/15/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Nandor T**** DATE: 10/15/2012 COMMENTS: Amazing talent. Amazing product.The admissions team is obsessed with the video (AIU). Would have hoped for a little better attention to detail with edits/changes to keep things more efficient - less back and forth. Stellar experience. THANK YOU!
CLIENT NAME: Susan C***** DATE: 10/14/2012 COMMENTS: Sometimes the experience was great and then other times not so great. Once Nicole started getting really involved everything worked better and we were running pretty smoothly. We'd definitely work with you guys again given the end result, but project management could be a lot tighter.
CLIENT NAME: Jeff A****** DATE: 10/13/2012 COMMENTS: I'm very happy with the way the video turned out. I also enjoyed the people I got to work with. I hated much of the process, in particular the "waterfall" approach to video development. I recognize the need for process to contain costs in a creative project like this, but I didn't think it was a good fit for us, and instead made for a very long (10 months!) and sometimes painful experience.
CLIENT NAME: Rochelle S********* DATE: 10/13/2012 COMMENTS: We found the Epipheo team to be super responsive and awesome. I'm just a tough grader. :)
CLIENT NAME: Dan O****** DATE: 10/13/2012 COMMENTS: End product wound up being pretty good, but initial scripts kept missing the mark. Team seemed more interested in following the Epipeo formula than really understanding what we do. For what we paid, I would have expected a little more focus/research on understanding our business.
CLIENT NAME: Michael P****** DATE: 10/13/2012 COMMENTS: Nice job Epipheo team and especially to Rachel for working so hard on this;)
CLIENT NAME: Bobby B********* DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: Thanks for all the patience...the ingredients that went in to our Video project produced a fine souffle of a video.
CLIENT NAME: Ken A******* DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: Have worked with Epipheo a number of times, and overall, we've been happy with the finished result. The creative process was difficult this last time around - we had strong feelings about the storyboards (and granted, they changed throughout the process) - but getting buy-in from our team at Epipheo was difficult. It was a challenge articulating/translating the vision, and while we appreciate the insight/best practices/guidance that the team at Epipheo provides, we also felt resistance to changes. This is constructive, no question. However, this ultimately created a gap in expectations - we were getting agreement when we discussed changes, but then were disappointed by a lack of buy-in when the next round of storyboards were delivered.
CLIENT NAME: Paul M********** DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: Eric, I don’t have time to complete this, but I think you know my frustrations with turnaround time, attention to detail, and general slow process with the last video…
CLIENT NAME: Demetha S****** DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: Great job on the concept and the production. The feedback has been quite positive.
CLIENT NAME: Adam B********** DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Neil E******* DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: Very happy with the pregnancy and birth of my video. Lots of ooohs and aaahs from my target audience so I'd definitely recommend Epipheo.
CLIENT NAME: Doug M******* DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS: You guys are the best! Makes me want to invest.
CLIENT NAME: Mel H**** DATE: 10/12/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Jon Z****** DATE: 10/11/2012 COMMENTS: Chris was great. The videos took much longer to fully create than expected. I know some of that scope falls on us, but maybe a better view of a timeline would be good.
CLIENT NAME: Joel F*********** DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS: The video was great, the experience was not.
CLIENT NAME: Eric P**** DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS: we are not finished yet with the video so the rating may be higher for final product. it has been a pleasure to work with the Epipheo team!
CLIENT NAME: Veronica A******** DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Kelly L****** DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS: I really enjoyed working with Jonathan and your team. Great job!
CLIENT NAME: Eric H**** DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Beverly C******* DATE: 10/10/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience, Kole was very responsive and got what we were trying to do!
CLIENT NAME: Keith C****** DATE: 10/09/2012 COMMENTS: Josh is great - you should give him a raise.
CLIENT NAME: Nicole R***** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: The Epipheo team was a delight to work with. They were flexible, efficient, and very responsive.
CLIENT NAME: Michelle S***** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Ari S***** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Joel W****** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: We worked so hard to achieve greatness that project deadlines were full of lateness. Though that is mostly due to me (btw) thank for the discount fee. I loved the script, I loved the team, the animation was less than keen but we worked through issues scene by scene, and in the end fulfilled our dream. Now if I can just get it seen.
CLIENT NAME: Lindsey G****** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: You guys were great to work with. Thanks for your hard work and listening to our feedback.
CLIENT NAME: Yves S****** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS:
CLIENT NAME: Emelia P******* DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: Jonathan worked so hard to help us meet our goals and deadline. We were very happy with the entire experience. Sorry, no rhymes!
CLIENT NAME: Chris N**** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: You guys rock. Would love to work with you again.
CLIENT NAME: Shahaf G**** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: production side, exploration, understanding our needs and products were top notch, extremely satisfied. Thank you Josh.
CLIENT NAME: Richard T***** DATE: 10/05/2012 COMMENTS: We were very excited to work with Epipheo and we were not disappointed. Kirsten and staff were great to work with and we had a lot of fun! I love the vibe, professionalism and the simplicity of Epipheo. Much Love
CLIENT NAME: Marvin A******* DATE: 10/04/2012 COMMENTS: Final product was great and marvelously done. General responsiveness was a bit slow.
CLIENT NAME: Emily C*** DATE: 10/03/2012 COMMENTS: Great experience. 2nd video we've put together with Epipheo and they've had a great attitude, and really turned experience from a challenging one the first time around to smooth sailing and wonderful work. Thank you!
CLIENT NAME: Mark K**** DATE: 10/03/2012 COMMENTS: The team at Epipheo was awesome to work with. For starters they asked all the right questions about our site and our goals. From the first call it was clear that they understood what we are all about and wanted from the video. The creative team, voice over team, script writers all worked very well together to help us refine the smallest detail. Rachel, Ford and Eric were each great team leaders! Thank you everyone at Epipheo.
CLIENT NAME: Mike S****** DATE: 10/02/2012 COMMENTS:

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